Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Believe it or not this is for real, this is not a joke . . . S.L.

The church service is Vegas-style. Purple lights in retro 70’s circles. Videos. A rock band on the pulpit. Everyone’s on their feet and clapping. Starr — a 19-year old ex-prostitute with her hands in the air — sings her heart out with the choir. The spiritual joint is packed on a Saturday night. Things are going down. It’s plain rowdy. Maybe in Sin City there are sooooo many wrong paths to go down it just means more souls that need to be saved?

“Are you scared yet?” Annie Lobert whispers.

“No. Why?” I ask.

“You’re sitting in church with a row of hookers,” she jokes.

Some have arrived late. (“Sex workers are flakey and used to keeping their own schedule.”) Others don’t show up at all because they’re working as prostitutes tonight. Leaning over, Annie fills me in on Houston—the gorgeous blond sitting next to me. “We used to work together,” she says. “We had the same pimp.” A red-haired woman dressed in black passes by and says a warm hello. Annie whispers, “She used to be a sex worker too. Now she has a good job with a hotel.”

For the past three years Hookers for Jesus has been a part of the Church of South Las Vegas . . .

This story originally appeared in Penthouse . . . which proves I actually DO read the articles . . .