Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SITREP - KI's KILN Kickstarter Campaign

Following yesterday's media blitz on this site, Facebook and Twitter (if you're not on Twitter you should be), I am pleased to announce that we achieved our stated goal of $3700 in pledges towards a new kiln for my wife's pottery business (in fact we exceeded it). At this time I am carefully studying the Kickstarter rules of engagement to crack the code on how to monetize the pledges and ship out the goodies we offered as rewards.

I thank you all for your generosity and support. Again, I have never asked for payment of any kind for the operation or upkeep of Blog STORMBRINGER - I don't even have one of those PayPal Donations Please clickers on the side bar - but we sank everything into making the Gallery happen and right then the kiln died. Emergency measures were called for. Two weeks into the Kickstarter campaign, donations stalled at about $2200 - understandibly enough considering the time of year - so I went on a full-court press to get the word out and Team STORMBRINGER did not fail me.

At this time I am trying to figure what to do with the time on my hands. Being a member of the male species, I have not yet started my Christmas shopping, of course. Going into the New Year I have plenty of exciting irons in the fire but nothing rock solid. It drives my wife nuts but I'd rather not have a full time job as it gets in the way of my cool projects. The irony of it all is I need a steady paycheck to keep one step ahead of the debt collectors and to finance my kids (both of whom are in college). If I could only find a way to make full-time pay on part-time work, I could finish the 3 (count 'em THREE) novels that are about 50% done each (one of them outlined HERE) and the odds are I can get at least one of them published. Other projects involve guns (of course), adventure in North America and elsewhere, and my dream to either rebuild an MGB or to drop my Passat diesel engine into a CJ-7.

Or maybe even put together one of THESE babies:

Tracked VW Pickup. Bit on the small side but GIGANTIC on overall cool points.

This appears to be a VW bus riveted to a 1945 M29 Weasel, a tracked military vehicle designed to traverse snow and, well, pretty much anything.

The Ultimate SuperBeetle - I LOVE the Czechoslovakian Field Green but I'd be tempted to do this one in Herbie's Racing Colors.

Hmmm . . . maybe a Kickstarter campaign to bring such a project to fruition . . . maybe . . . possibly ? ? ?

It is my intent to close out the year with a couple of posts discussing in-depth the so-called Torture Report, and the ongoing Mike Brown / Eric Garner situation and the subsequent mess generated by the Left. What will follow will be a re-invention of Blog STORMBRINGER - its been five years now, time for a refresh of some kind - but in the meantime it is the Day Before the Day Before Christmas and it's time for me to pull my annual miracle out of my Fourth Point of Contact and make Christmas happen here at Firebase TigerLily.

Again, I thank you all for your support



  1. That Green VW Bug looks super! ;-)

  2. The project was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms.


    James Morrison

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