Monday, December 22, 2014


This is a project I am intimately involved in at this time - S.L.

Some of you may be aware that, between contracts, I've been helping my wife to stand up her own art gallery; her lifelong dream.

We sank everything into this opportunity, and worked like crazy to make the December 5th opening date. It's been a very successful operation so far, however . . . the week before opening day, disaster struck. Ki - a.k.a. TigerLily - tells it in her own words on a video posted on her Kickstarter page.


Basically, Ki's kiln died. The kiln is a critical piece of equipment to the entire operation. We sank everything we have into the gallery, and now we need to reach out. We understand it is a difficult time of year to be requesting donations and so we are offering like-value rewards for donations.

Because Ki's kiln is broken she cannot fire these latest creations.


Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing arrangement. We either make the entire $3700 goal by 2 January 2015 - and we're within $805 dollars with eleven days to go - or we get nothing.

I have never asked for anything in return for all the time & effort I've put into Blog STORMBRINGER but circumstances require that I reach out at this time. If you cannot make a donation, please help spread the word by sharing this post in your social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a worthy cause . . .

More information and many pics of her incredible artwork on the Gallery's Facebook page. We're also on Twitter @Gallery122 and of course all of my wife's works are on display HERE

We Thank You for Your Support!



  1. Looks like you're only $76 shy at this point! Good luck.

  2. I can make a contribution through PayPal.

  3. Janus - go to the Kickstarter link - Ki's Kiln - all you have to do at this point is make a pledge. And I thank you!

  4. Okay, just donated $50. Which means, under the Rules and Customs of Land Warfare you've gotta listen to a war story. One truly miserable, nasty day in southern Angola the commander (Acting, Unpaid, For the Purpose of the War) of A coy 701 Bn SWATF, which would be me, commented to CSM Roberts (Texan, USMC, and Selous Scout) that "Y'know, Nietzsche,wrote that whatever does not kill me only makes me stronger.". To which CSM Roberts replied "Yeah, well, I guess that peckerhead never ran into a POMZ landmine, hunh El-Tee? I could only only agree with this well considered opinion.

    1. War story noted - IMPRESSIVE - please reach out to me if you have more to share with SB readers . . . and thank you for your service ! ! !

  5. Donation made. Thank you for everything you do with this blog and especially for your service to our great nation. RLTW! - Cliff

    1. Thank you Cliff - situation update forthcoming . . . DOL . . .

  6. Check your snail mail, Merry Christmas.

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