Thursday, April 9, 2015


A million little Whack-A-Moles have emerged while I'm waiting to ship out . . . here's the latest thing . . . S.L.

Reason I have been so silent recently is a last minute job came up to produce these doors and the project has grown arms and legs on me. The client wants a pair of sliding barn doors for the interior of their rustic home. They have to be SOLID OAK and as such they weigh a TON. Spoke with client yesterday - now I have to take the doors apart and hit all the edges with a plane to give them an ancient rustic look, then stain & sand back to give it a "washed" look, then prime & paint all the bolts black . . .

. . . these doors are the mose MEDIEVAL DOORS in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF DOOR-DOM . . . I'm quite sure they will stop 9mm Luger maybe even .45 ACP . . . LABOR INTENSIVE and I'm waiting on visa paperwork to ship out of here ANY DAY NOW . . . well those damn doors ain't gonna finish themselves so I'm outta here ! ! !

VIKING DOORS PROJECT UPDATE: The doors are complete, but a last-minute consult with the client required me to completely disassemble to recreate a "rustic" look. Here you see the stain applied, and a comparison of how the stain looks when sanded down to create the "washed, stressed" look . . . next time I'll know what questions to ask the client up front . . .



  1. Well, this looks like an open and shut case.

    Paul L. Quandt

  2. whew, looks like work to me.

    Do the amish know you're this handy with barn type woodwork?

  3. Well, good lookin' doors anyway.
    Well done.

  4. "Hurry up and wait" is British Army colloquialism. Just a thought.

  5. Stormbringer, very nice work! You are a man fo many talents. Thanks for the great blog! Keep your powder dry!

  6. If you have one local, look at Tractor Supply. They have a lot of black anodized hardware. Might save you some time. Other than that, I like your craftsmanship.

  7. Amazing the varied amount of talents you run into with Team guys. I've ran into everything from cabinet makers, rockets scientists, lawyers, and a Polish physicist.

  8. If you were a proper Englishman from a few centuries ago you would cover those doors with the tanned hide of a Dane (Viking).