Thursday, May 10, 2012


Poll results are in:


A week back - it seems another lifetime ago - I was being chided by Echo Golf; a woman who's opinion I respect, even if I disagree with her on fundamental issues.

Echo Golf: It’s pervy. . . . soft porn . . .

StormBringer: Where have you EVER seen pornography on STORMBRINGER?

Echo Golf: I said soft porn. Which is what this photo is.

StormBringer: This is not pornography by any stretch of the imagination – I’ve seen ruder stuff in the Vatican!

Echo Golf: You asked my opinion and there it is.

StormBringer: Yeah . . . . . . OK I’ll put the poll up on STORMBRINGER.

As a reminder, here were the poll categories:

Should STORMBRINGER drop the "Daily Birds" feature?

o Yes - the Birds of SB exploit women and has no place on an otherwise serious & worthy site. - 9 (3%)

o Maybe - the place for Page 3 girls is on the other side of the puddle. 6 (2%)

o I'm fine with cheesecake - does not offend. 71 (30%)

o Not No but HELL NO!!! Everybody needs a little "Eye Relief"! 145 (62%)

These results, plus the site visit numbers, speak for themselves. This past week was one of the best in the three year history of Blog STORMBRINGER:


My anonymous muse "Echo Golf" is associated with the rag depicted below:

A once respectable tome that sold in 2010 year for a dollar - I don't mean per copy I mean the ENTIRE OPERATION sold itself for ONE DOLLAR! Blog STORMBRINGER pulls in at least double that every day!

Things are obviously so bad at Newsweek that they've relegating themselves to promoting pornography: Fifty Shades of Grey is a bestselling piece of smut and filth - albeit done in a tasteful way - that informs us in graphic detail of what those of us who have been around already know: women secretly like being dominated in the bedroom, and apparently the higher up in status & society the more they want to be treated like sluts and whores.

There is nothing new in the spanking scenarios depicted, blindfolding, light bondage. Once the purview of aristocratic perverts, the widespread popularity of this piece of birdcage liner only tells me that such hanky panky went mainstream a long time ago. I mean, I practically died of boredom going over the vanilla-flavored depictions - WHAT A YAWN-FEST ! ! ! - maybe I missed the part about the nude sex slave slave being put on display in a collar & leash, could not detect any shame & humilitation, no mention of being forced to drink out of the toilet, etc, etc.

But I digress. We're talking material worthy of dedicating a cover to over at Newsweek - a respectable organ that we are to take seriously - in the meantime, THIS is considered pornography? Puh-LEEEZE . . .


Perhaps this is the best time to explore why I post cheesecake pics on a site dedicated to honor, philosophy, and military themes? Simple: since time immemorial warriors have decorated chariots, ships, victory monuments and wall lockers with scanitly clad, beautiful women:

Figurehead tall ship Golden Hind

Back when it was the Army Air Corp the paint schemes on the planes were so much cooler.

Incredibly risqué in her time, Betty's coy over-the-shoulder come hither pose is now considered a timeless classic.

OK I'll stop now before I get off-topic - I could dedicate an entire post to WWII bomber nose art and pinup girls - the point is there was once a time our society was advanced and mature enough to handle images of scantily clad women, babes, dolls, femmes, dames and members of the opposite sex without a bunch of phoney offense. In carrying on this warrior tradition I'm told I'm a pornographer by 'real' journalists . . . meanwhile the Keepers of the Flame over at Newsweek pump pure filth into the direct mainstream but that's okay because it's 'cultural'. Yeah R-I-I-I-G-H-T . . .

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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