Monday, July 27, 2009


My buddy Erik got back from the Sandpile just last night. They live just across the street and his wife was at our place when he pulled into the driveway. We had a few beers before we cut them loose. Welcome back, Warrior.

Erik was in the southern part of the country, from Basra to just south of Baghdad.

"How is it over there?"

"Well, I got mortared almost every day. There were some rocket attacks . . ."


"Oh YEAH man, STILL."

So then I asked him, "What have you got for STORMBRINGER?"

"Well, let me tell you - I predict within the next month there will be blood shed between the Americans and the Iraqis."

"What do you mean?"

"The Americans pulled out of the cities, right?"


"Well, the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi police, they're carving out their turf. They're they're having turf wars, and they're running into the Americans. It's hotter than hell over there right now, people are losing their tempers. Already there have been shoving matches. You wait and see; it's going to get bloody. There will be bloodshed."

He gives it a month . . .

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