Sunday, May 12, 2013


The saying goes: "A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn't been mugged yet." This liberal just got her wake-up call - S.L.

Sherri Shepherd's Epiphany:

‘The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd revealed that she experienced a frightening home invasion scare that terrified her son Jeffrey and husband Lamar Sally and vowed: “We’re going to get a gun!”

The 46-year-old former stand-up comic had a scary wake-up call at 1 a.m. when her New York City home’s alarm system went off declaring, “Warning! Intruder, get out of the house!”

Here's what Sherri tweeted @SherriEShepherd:

Protecting my family is my priority. I never want to stand in my son's room again and not have something to defend he & I. That was scary - 1:50 PM - 25 Apr 2013

Our home alarm went off. @SalfromtheD went thru the house but as I stood over my crying & scared son, I realized I had nothing to defend us - 1:52 PM - 25 Apr 2013

All I had was a wicker trash basket. A baseball bat can be wrestled from you AND the person has to get close enough for you to swing it - 1:53 PM - 25 Apr 2013

I held Jeffrey and prayed for protection, but it also would've been nice to be holding somethng in my hand in case there was an intruder - 1:54 PM - 25 Apr 2013

Chalk another one up for our side, and God Bless the Second Amendment



  1. "Today on the DUH! Channel..."

  2. It only took two minutes for her to figure out the truth. Sheesh, and she had spent the first 40+ years of her life trying to ignore the truth.


  3. After the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspect, my daughter in law told my son that he was to go out and buy and AR 15 for home protection. She'll learn how to use it, too.

  4. And she WILL get one too. As a member of the "celebrity/protected" class she will get a permit,probably expedited like others who are not of the "unwashed masses".
    Now if she weren't a "celebrity" but just another parent wanting to protect a kid do you THINK she'd be "allowed" the means of protection by the state? Not likely.
    Boat Guy

  5. She wants a gun in NYC?!?! Is she a personal friend of the mayor or police chief? Oh, yeah, a fellow celeb. Maybe she'll get a permit.

    Oh, Sherri, regarding that baseball bat. You'd best be very quick with it because not only does your attacker need to be "close enough" but he can't be "too close". You can't hit what you can't reach and what can reach you you can't hit very hard.

  6. Dollar to donuts you check in 6 months and this Celeb will have a permit.