Wednesday, May 27, 2009


. . . if it wasn't so deadly serious:

LA TIMES: Al Qaeda Recruits Back in Europe, But Why?

The incredible adventure story of wannabe Jihadi's and their harrowing journey to BadGuyLandistan . . . the teaser line beneath the headline says it all:

"Four men say their training experience in Pakistan wasn't what they hoped for. Anti-terrorism officials wonder if they're just biding their time, ready to strike in Europe."

Read this remarkable story down to the telling line:

"Anti-terrorism forces have detected at least one American, a convert to Islam, who trained with Al Qaeda in Pakistan during the last year, Western officials say."

The United States has had traitors in every war it's been in. This one is no different.


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  1. I find myself wondering if Jane Fonda would consider producing a work-out video for dispersal at Al Qaeda training camps. I realize it would be hard to surpass her work in Barbarella, but perhaps she should give it a go. I also find myself thinking it's really too bad that the firing squad has passed out of vogue.