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I've stated it before within these honorable pages - the solution to our nation's monumental problems is achievable and is in fact right within our grasp.

It will not take a miracle.


Back in the mid-nineties we had this chaplain in 3d Group who was a bit of a charismatic individual. He had actually attended the "Q" Course and earned his long tab + green beret as an 18- series officer; then he'd found Christ and became a chaplain. Everybody's got their own style and this was his; me I'm a believer and a follower of the Man from the Galilee but I always figured I represented Christendom more effectively as a doorkicker and a breacher, and nowadays as a private corporate soldier . . . but I digress . . .

ANYWAY one day downrange the chaplain came around and I asked him how come we don't see the kind of monumental events and miracles as are described in the Old Testament? He said, "I don't know, but I think we're going to start seeing them soon . . ."

Since he uttured those prophetic words we have seen the two tallest skyscrapers in New York attacked by jet airliner, burst into flames and be reduced to rubble with the space of less than two hours, and the mighty citadel Pentagon likewise attacked, its fortress-like walls breached.

We have seen the entire family of nations once referred to as Christendom rise up and go to war against a stateless Mohammedan enemy whose goal is the convert or kill every single one of us. The two great battlefields of this war include the land of the traditional Islamic caliphate, site of Babylon and the Garden of Eden, and the rock-strewn utterly worthless ancient Graveyard of Empires itself; Afghanistan.

And we have seen an army of illiterate fanatics render immobile the most powerful military in the history of the world, through the most primitive of tactics; roadside bombs and suicide vests.

To call it the Global War on Terror is a misstatement – because terror is not the enemy; terror is a tactic. Let’s call it what it is: the Global War of Fundamentalist Islam, for it is the Muslim fundamentalists who bring this war against anyone and everyone who does not share their brutal, repressive beliefs.

In the midst of this war by Islam on the west, the bastard son of an atheist mother and a Marxist father was elected President of the United States of America. Okay – nobody can choose their parents so let’s not fault him for that; let’s judge him instead by the company he keeps; he is the political protégé of America-hating terrorist Bill Ayers and the acolyte of America-hating, profanity spewing churchman Jeremiah Wright.

Let us judge him by his actions; the odd bowing at the waist to Eastern potentates, the endless apologies to foreign audiences for his country; endless partying, vacationing, golf and hobnobbing with celebrities and talk show hosts while serious work is left unattended and our allies are rudely snubbed.

Let us judge him by the name he has chosen for himself and the role he has assumed: Barack Hussein Obama, the face of the Third World Movement to punish the West for its past colonial transgressions and to bring America down to the level of “equal at the table of nations” – his own words.

To compound all this insanity, we have witnessed our incredible capitalist system – which has lifted countless millions out of lives of hopeless suffering and destitute poverty – brought to its knees by foolish Government-imposed lending practices; followed up by profligate spending resulting in crushing debt: SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

To me, these three events – the Global War of Fundamentalist Islam; the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, and the threat represented by sixteen trillion dollars in debt - are calamities of Biblical proportion. The first two are blows we can absorb and bounce back; it is the third that threatens to bring our nation down to the level of Turkey or Argentina, the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

Imagine an America of the near future where one hundred dollars will only buy what one dollar buys today – and that is not a lot. Difficult? Try this instead; imagine the price you pay for a gallon of gasoline today to be the price of a liter – that’s what they pay in Europe; $16.00 a gallon.

Imagine 30% or more unemployment and all that entails; soup kitchens, breadlines, vagrants begging at your door for meals. Unimaginable? That was the America of the 1930s, and it could very well happen again.

Imagine an America militarily weak; aircraft carriers mothballed and moored in ghost fleets, nuclear submarines tied up in port to be used as auxiliary power plants for energy-starved cities, and our once mighty special operations and airborne forces unable to deploy due to the cost of aviation fuel and lack of airframes.

Unbelievable? Take a look at the once mighty Soviet Union.

It CAN and WILL happen here – unless we do something about it - tout de suite.

The Warrior Always Has a Plan

I was taught that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It’s easy to point fingers at problems, a lot harder to find answers and solutions. Well, here’s the STORMBRINGER solution:


I’m not talking those kind of fiscal sleight-of-hands Congress calls a budget cut; cuts in future increase. I’m talking an across-the-board cut in everything and NO increases; the civil servants will have to forego their annual bonuses and pay raises – they’re already making on the average 40% more than the private sector so somehow they’ll make do.

Anyone who has spent more than a day in the military or anywhere near the government infrastructure has witnessed the largesse they lavish upon themselves and the utter waste of time resources. I’m not only talking about the over-the-top conventions and junkets government bureaucrats find necessary; its everywhere. The rooms full of stationary supplies that are obsolete in the electronic era, the unnecessary refurbishing of office furniture and décor, buildings and facilities, the time-wasting by employees who can never be fired, fleets of vehicles replaced every two years or eighteen months while private sector companies make do with ten-year old trucks and company cars.

This government bureaucracy is the first one that needs to get the axe.

The list goes on and on; dumpsters full of perfectly good food outside of military mess halls, unnecessary travel, luxury hotel stays, on and on and on; all of it cleverly justified to elude charges of waste, fraud and abuse.

A ten percent cut in Federal spending will go a long way to reducing the debt, immediately - they would never miss it.


This should be a no-brainer. There is more coal in America than all the world combined. Furthermore, the price of oil has increased to the point where it is now profitable to extract oil from our sand- and shale-oil resources. It is estimated that there is more oil in North America than in Saudi Arabia, that in fact we are the Saudi Arabia of the future.

Construct petroleum refineries and pipelines, enough to provide an abundance of fuel supply to satisfy demand and in the process bring the price of gasoline back down to where it was four years ago: $1.40 a gallon.

“Drill, baby, drill!” - like my favorite politician likes to say.

Lift the offshore drilling moratoriums. What kind of crazy hypocrisy is it that we forbid ourselves from exploiting our own natural resources, and yet we donate funds to the Brazilians to exploit their offshore oil fields?

On top of this, we have uranium ore to be mined; nuclear power leads the way to the future while we figure out what to do with all those fossil fuel plants. To hell with windmills and bankrupt solar panel companies – let’s crack atoms, baby!

The energy infrastructure and related industries listed above represent the potential to lower unemployment back down to pre-Obama levels. Why are we not doing this?


This thing ran off the rails the minute we let NATO get involved and made it about nation building and not warfighting. Nation building cannot be imposed; a nation is led and developed by its own inherent leadership. To believe otherwise is a liberal Kumbaya pipedream.

Somewhere along the line the liberals handed the Arab Spring over to the Muslim Brotherhood, and now they own Egypt; the most populous Arab country, center of the greater Arab nation. Syria, the traditional center of the Arab culture, is on its way to ownership by the Muslim Brotherhood, and so is Iraq, site of the Ancient Caliphate.

What we need is more victory, less hanging our most vital asset – our young men & women in uniform – out to dry, trapped in a war of attrition and unable to maneuver.

Let us stop this stupid strategy of offering up our forces as easy targets.

The plan is this: announce to the Moslem world that we - and by 'we' I also include our allies; especially the Commonwealth countries - will no longer interfere in their affairs. This means an immediate withdrawal to pre-9/11 lines, and an immediate cutting of all foreign aid to all the Muslim countries that tolerate the violent repression of Christians, Jews and their own women. No more subsidizing of blowing up churches and forced conversions at gunpoint.

In other words, if they want to chop each other up into monkey meat, blow themselves to smithereens, and maim and enslave their own women, fine. We’re not going to let them do it to our people anymore.

Watch them squawk like a pack of scalded apes over that one.

Then, we ring their countries with our aircraft carriers, space-based weapons systems, and other strategic assets and wherever and whenever they feel their oats and get froggy, we shit all over them. That includes any moves to develop nukes in Iran, and any movement anywhere near the State of Israel; that place is hands off. The Holy Land is our foothold in the Middle East, it is as sacred to us as they claim it is to them, and any movement on or near Israeli territory will be met in kind.

Eye-for-an-eye – just like they wrote it into their own Code of Hammurabi five thousand years ago.

We can call it OPERATION PEACEMAKER – after the Colt revolver that tamed the West.

Of course, if the leadership of America wishes to avoid accusations of Imperial Rome-like decadence, then the leaders of America must lead by example. Figure the odds on the current crop occupying of the Oval Office doing any of the above. The Romney crew? Well, the first two are foreseeable. As for the third alternative I listed above; well, that would be a miracle of Biblical proportions.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it . . .


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WAKE THE F*CK UP! - A Rebuttal (NSFW!)

Ed'd Note: Another Dumbass actor with more money than brains . . .

A sign in Newark from an Italian immigrant:

H/T Shelley

All of the above from Theo's worth site Last of the Few - with thanks...S.L.

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. . . down in Philadelphia Chinatown, on 11th near Vine:

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand . . .

Walkin' through the streets of Soho in the rain . . .

He was lookin' for the place called Lee Ho Fooks . . .

Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mien . . .

Theo says this one's on King's Road in London, so I guess this is the one Warren was singing about . . . S.L.

"Werewolf of London"


NRA Life of Duty Frontlines Episode 3: KOSOVO

NRA Life of Duty presented by Brownells and FNH USA team up to bring you the third episode from the brand new Frontlines series with LtCol Oliver North. This month, Chuck Holton and the NRA LOD team report from Kosovo – where more than 1,000 U.S. troops are deployed for a peace keeping mission. Watch more episodes from this series on the NRA Life of Duty Frontlines channel sponsored by FNH USA at:

NRA Life of Duty Frontlines Episode 3: Kosovo

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Posted by VA Shepard

The Taliban has posted on YouTube the assault team briefing and rehearsing the raid on Camp Bastion:

It is bad enough that a US Marine Corps base housing air assets in the middle of a war zone was penetrated so easily, but where is the outrage? We are suffering from a leadership vacuum at the highest levels that has percolated down to the ground in Afghanistan. Might it have anything to do with that white flag the President raised over Afghanistan by announcing his withdrawal timetable from that troubled country? It is inexcusable, and it only gets worse:

Obama to UN: "It's Not My Fault Stevens is Dead: more guards would not have helped."

Apologizing yet again, this time for of all things a YouTube clip before none less than the thugs within the General Assembly of the United Nations, President Obama has symbolically raised an American white flag over the Middle East. Just when the region seems to be on the brink of an all-out war, could he have possibly sent a weaker signal at a worse time? Yet again I have to wonder if he is intentionally harming US interests, or is he actually that naive?

Obama has inspired an army, and they are the enemy. They have seen him abandon our friends and placate our enemies. They have risen up, and believe we are on the run. Has the time has come for us to run home and wait for the barbarians to appear at the gate? Or is America capable of going medieval and salvaging victory (a word seemingly alien to BHO's vocabulary) from what appears to be near-certain ruin of our entire Middle East strategy?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tour the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, June 4, 2009 before Obama delivered a much heralded speech to an audience at Cairo University, effectively launching the Arab Spring.

The great English-born American patriot Thomas Paine said:

"I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace."

Paine also said . . .

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way."

This message needs to be transmitted on all channels for the next 50 days


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Special Agent LUNAR SPOOK sends in this interesting observation on the recent Taliban raid on Camp Bastion:

Bastion raid signals birth of Taliban SAS in Afghanistan

IT WAS just after 10pm and dark in Camp Bastion when an explosion echoed across the Helmand desert from the east. A two-metre hole had been blasted high in the razor-wire-topped wall surrounding what was thought to be one of the most impregnable military camps on earth. Fifteen Taliban dressed in American army uniforms and armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades raced through the gap.They ran 150 metres and skirted a blast wall to run out onto a runway, bright under security lights.

Alongside it were 10 canvas hangars containing Harrier jets. The attackers, a well-drilled unit of men, divided into three teams and opened fire.
One began shooting at a group of Marine Corps pilots and mechanics working on the aircraft.

Their commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher "Otis" Raible, 40, who visited the hangars around 10pm every day, pulled out his 9mm pistol and took on the attackers, according to an online tribute page.

He had little chance against the intruders' superior firepower and was killed with a mechanic, Sergeant Bradley Atwell, 27. Nine other marines were wounded.
The second group of Taliban destroyed three refuelling stations. A third party headed for the aircraft.

The AV-8B Harriers, which had arrived on the base only in July, are hated by the Taliban for their deadly efficiency. Each costs up to $30m. According to RAF sources, the attackers had time to plant explosives on several of the planes. Others are believed to have been hit by RPGs.

Six were destroyed and two badly damaged at a cost of about dollars 200m in the single most destructive strike on a Nato base in the 11-year war.
Publicly, officials have been trying to play down the raid on Nato's main base. Privately, they admit to having been astonished by the audacity of the attack on September 14.

"It was like a textbook SF [special forces] attack," said a senior officer.
US officials fear the Taliban have created their own special operations unit to infiltrate highly protected facilities. They suspect the masterminds to be the Haqqani network, notorious militants based in Pakistan ...

...As the Marines came under attack at Bastion, motion detector alarms went off in the security command post. RAF 51 Squadron, which is in charge of protection, dispatched a 15- strong force in armoured Jackal patrol vehicles.

No 5 RAF Force Protection Wing patrol in a Foxhound armored vehicle at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan Picture: Corporal Laura Bibby RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Leading them was Sergeant Roy "Doc" Geddes. "As I moved onto the airfield I could already see some Harriers on fire," he said. "We were soon engaged with the enemy, who used small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades."

The ensuing firefight was so fierce that the RAF troops alone fired 10,000 rounds. Another 15-strong RAF squad and marines went to reinforce Geddes's team until 120 Nato soldiers were in action. But the Taliban dodged between blast walls, and their American uniforms caused confusion.

The battle raged for almost four hours until a British Apache helicopter gunship ended it by raking the Taliban with 30mm cannon fire as they tried to escape across open ground. By daybreak 14 Taliban were dead and one was wounded and captured. Senior British and American officers who went to view the scene shook their heads in disbelief.

Read the entire article HERE

The above reflects the thoughts of Christina Lamb who is a journalist not a military or intelligence professional, and I disagree with her basic premise. Success criteria of Special Forces operations includes recovering your assets intact, i.e. getting your guys back out alive so they can go in and do it again later. To me this Taliban raid more resembles the Japanese suicide commando raid air inserted by crash-landing onto Yomitan Airfield, Okinawa on the night of 24-25 May 1945 (see below).

I agree with Ms. Lamb that this is an audatious operation, nonetheless, and a significant milestone in the enemy's capabilities. -S.L.

Giretsu Raid May 24/25, 1945

During the night of May 24, 1945, roughly 50 Japanese Navy and Army aircraft bombed the area as a diversionary raid. Twelve Ki-21 Sallys of the 3rd Dokuritsu Chutai commanded by Captain Chuichi Suwabe, each with eight commandos attempted to land. Eight were assigned land at Yontan and four to Kadena. Four aircraft aborted the mission with engine problems, and three more were shot down. Five managed to crash-land at Yontan during the diversionary attack.

Roughly 8-12 commandos using explosives destroyed aircraft and set 70,000 gallons of fuel on fire, before they were all located and killed. On the bodies of some of the raiders, detailed maps were found, that included the most recent constructions. In total, the attackers destroyed 9 aircraft and damaged 29 more, including: VPB-109 PB4Y-2 Privateer destroyed and another damaged beyond repair. One survived and around June 12 joined the Thirty-Second Army on Okinawa.

Bruce Porter recounts the attack in his book, Ace!
"Over a dozen Japanese giretsu commandos survived the suicide landing, and succeeded in destroying a large fuel dump (a total of 70,000 gallons) and planting magnetic grenades to aircraft on the flight line. Three F4U's, two PB4Y's and four transports were destroyed. In addition, 22 other F4U's, 3 F6F's, 2 B-24's and 2 transports were damaged. Only three Americans died in the raid, 18 Marines wounded. Japanese losses were 69 pilots, aircrews and raiders."

Joseph Alexander writes in his book The Final Campaign Marines Victory on Okinawa:
"Another bizarre Japanese suicide mission proved more effective. On the night of 24-25 May, a half-dozen transport planes loaded with Giretsu, Japanese commandos, approached the U.S. airbase at Yontan. Alert antiaircraft gunners flamed five. The surviving plane made a wheels-up belly landing on the air strip, discharging troops as she slid in sparks and flames along the surface. The commandos blew up eight U.S. planes, damaged twice as many more, set fire to 70,000 gallons of aviation gasoline, and generally created havoc throughout the night. Jittery aviation and security troops fired at shadows, injuring their own men more than the Japanese. It took 12 hours to hunt down and kill the last raider."

Yomitan Airfield looking from the east to the west, out to the invasion beaches - that's Torii Station dead straight ahead - home of 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group. I've jumped onto this airfield a couple times - S.L.



I have 2 kinds of smile – the one I’m smiling now that cheers everybody up and makes everyone happy ( because Oakland beat Pittsburgh ) and then there’s my Dark Side which disturbs people’s souls . . .


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FIRST LOOK: iPhone 5

Suck on this, Apple iPhone fanboys:

Reality check, Apple-ites - it's a PHONE. You could have gotten the same features you stood in line for if you bought a droid two years ago . . . heh . . .


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If anybody has imagery of these attacks please send it in . . . S.L.

Marines from VMA-211 at Camp Bastion, two weeks before the attack.

The Taliban attack on an air base in southern Afghanistan on Friday drew coverage for the way the insurgents cloaked themselves in U.S. army uniforms to gain a tactical advantage, but few have taken note of the historical proportions of the damage inflicted. John Gresham at the Defense Media Network, has published a detailed account of the attack on Camp Bastion, in which two Marines were killed, six U.S. Marine Corps jet fighters were destroyed, and two more "significantly" damaged. Those facts were all carried in most reports, but if that just sounds like a typical damage report from a decade-long war, you're wrong. Gresham explains the devastating damage done to VMA-211 the Marine Corps attack squadron that was most affected last week, noting that it is "arguably the worst day in [U.S. Marine Corps] aviation history since the Tet Offensive."


An awesome read on what is referred in the spy business as 'tradecraft' . . . from the chronicles of the Smithsonian

“I’d come back from an op and couldn’t wait for what happens next.”

The six CIA officers were sweating. It was almost noon on a June day in the Middle Eastern capital, already in the 90s outside and even hotter inside the black sedan where the five men and one woman sat jammed in together. Sat and waited.

They had flown in two days earlier for this mission: to break into the embassy of a South Asian country, steal that country’s secret codes and get out without leaving a trace. During months of planning, they had been assured by the local CIA station that the building would be empty at this hour except for one person—a member of the embassy’s diplomatic staff working secretly for the agency.

But suddenly the driver’s hand-held radio crackled with a voice-encrypted warning: “Maintain position. Do not approach target.” It was the local CIA station, relaying a warning from the agency’s spy inside: a cleaning lady had arrived.

From the back seat Douglas Groat swore under his breath. A tall, muscular man of 43, he was the leader of the break-in team, at this point—1990—a seven-year veteran of this risky work. “We were white faces in a car in daytime,” Groat recalls, too noticeable for comfort. Still they waited, for an hour, he says, before the radio crackled again: “OK to proceed to target.” The cleaning lady had left . . .

These technical specialists of the espionage craft are highly qualified experts in their field. During the course of my career in Special Forces I rubbed elbows with Agency personnel - mostly analysts, and a few case officers, but never these rare birds. - S.L.

Rare birds indeed, and sometimes quite exotic - read on . . .

The Office of Strategic Services, the CIA’s predecessor, targeted the Vichy French Embassy in Washington, D.C. one night in June 1942. An operative code-named Cynthia arranged a tryst inside the embassy with her lover, who was the press attaché there. The tryst, as both knew, was a cover story—a way to explain her presence to the night watchman. After the 31-year-old, auburn-haired spy and her lover stripped in the hall outside the code room, Cynthia, naked but for her pearls and high-heeled shoes, signaled out a window to a waiting OSS safe expert, a specialist known as the “Georgia Cracker.” He soon had the safe open and the codebooks removed; an OSS team photographed the books in a hotel nearby, and Cynthia returned them to the safe before dawn . . .

According to another account I read of this operation, "Cynthia" actually seduced the Vichy official, distracting him with a night of lovemaking on an embassy sofa as OSS operators snuck into the embassy and went about their work. - S.L.

Read the rest of this fascinating article

Each page of a Soviet “one-time pad” was used once and discarded.

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NRA American Warrior #10: Extortion 17 Memorial Ride

NRA Life of Duty presented by Brownells recently debuted an exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming tenth issue of the NRA American Warrior digital magazine. This Colt Warrior Feature will provide a full report on the Extortion 17 Memorial Ride in honor of the 30 active-duty military, and one military working dog, that were killed in action on August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan. Look for the new issue in the upcoming weeks and catch up on the ninth issue HERE

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Going through cold turkey from a nasty little Crackberry addiction, mastering a new phone, and juggling chainsaws on a couple of significant projects. Meanwhile the world is going to sh*t ten million times more than normal and there's no end in sight. I'll try to crank out a couple posts today - "Good Lord willing and the river don't rise!" - in the meantime hang in there, continue to do your good work and together we'll all make it through this madness, somehow . . .


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Clint nailed it . . .

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


. . . just got a little less interesting.

Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” will host a fund-raiser for Obama Tuesday in Burlington, Vermont.

I've been drinking Dos Equis since I arrived in this country, back in '81, back when the “Most Interesting Man in the World” was still a two-bit actor. Since that time I've led a pretty interesting life - serving this country on five continents - and during the course of some pretty challenging adventures I've slaked my thirst with a lot of beer . . .

Nobody knows where or when they will die but I do know this: I just drank my last Dos Equis.

You know, it's a shame; I kind of liked those "Most Interesting Man" commercials - too bad the World's Most Interesting Man just depthcharged his very successful twilight career. Now he's just the World's Latest Stupid Celebrity.

Adios, Amigo - it was nice knowing you.

"Stay thirsty, my friends."


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Honor for a true hero from the 1st Special Forces Group.

Master Sergeant Michael S. Hunter

This week MSG Hunter received two of the nation’s highest awards for valor in combat, both stemming from his 2010 combat tour in Western Afghanistan.

During a 16-hour gunfight in June of 2010, MSG Hunter delivered medical care to two wounded team members while taking enemy fire. MSG Hunter's actions that day earned him a Bronze Star. The commendation reads:

“His courageous actions all the way through the engagement kept momentum in the friendly force’s favor and were decisive to repelling a determined enemy assault and the successful treatment and evacuation of two critically injured U.S. soldiers.”

MSG Hunter received a Silver Star for another fight in April of 2012 in which he took control of a faltering joint mission with Afghan commandos and led an attack that caused the deaths of some 103 insurgents.

The mission for MSG Hunter's team of four US Special Forces soldiers and 28 Afghan commandos was to serve as a reconnaissance and surveillance element to scope out hardened enemy positions near Afghanistan’s border with Turkmenistan.

Insurgents had forced out civilians and laid out an entrenched network of tunnels and compounds to be used against Western and Afghan government forces. The mission morphed into a raid on these enemy positions, enabling NATO to destroy machinegun bunkers and mine obstacles.

The joint commando team slipped through the enemy’s front line and scouted other positions. They first took fire when a man peered around a corner and fired on them with an AK-47. The commandos killed that first shooter.

They took more fire as they approached one of the main enemy positions, killing several insurgents but suffering several injuries and at least one fatal casualty among their own ranks. They linked up with another patrol and created a helicopter landing zone to evacuate the first wounded and fallen Afghan commandos.

MSG Hunter put himself out front that day and took risks so other soldiers and Afghan commandos would not have to. MSG Hunter's Silver Star commendation reads:

“Throughout the entire 10-hour engagement, Sergeant Hunter repeatedly provided inspiration, leadership, and guidance to both Special Forces soldiers and Afghanistan Army commandos. Sergeant Hunter’s element ensured that the enemy was unable to bring effective fire to bear as the first (medical evacuation) helicopter extracted four friendly wounded and one friendly killed.”

Commandos kept moving toward enemy positions, but started to show reluctance after losing several countrymen. That’s when Hunter put himself at the front of the fight against the insurgents in the tunnels. According to the commendation, MSG Hunter “calmly stepped to the front of them, moved to the nearest tunnel entrance where the enemy was firing from and personally neutralized the insurgents with grenades and rifle fire."

His bravery boosted the confidence of his Afghan allies. His “selflessness and firm resolve inspired the commandos and enabled them to find the will to continue to fight.”

As the mission continued, the Special Forces team discovered an elaborate tunnel network beyond what they expected. It was so entrenched they chose to call in NATO air support to destroy it. Western aircraft dropped four 500-pound bombs on the site, reducing the compound.

Commandos went back to the compound after the jets nearly leveled it. About 30 more fighters counterattacked.

Hunter played an important role in helping the commands from both nations withdraw from the fight under heavy fire.

“Sergeant Hunter refused to allow other Special Forces soldiers to place themselves in these exposed positions and insisted on assuming rearguard duty yet again. Sergeant Hunter’s repeated heroic, selfless actions throughout the withdrawal allowed the patrol” to return to its forward base without further serious casualties.

The Silver Star is awarded exclusively for valor in combat.

Hunter is married and a father of four. He has served the 1st Special Forces Group since 2007, deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia and the Philippines.

"To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered a chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour."

- Winston Churchill

Friday, September 14, 2012


America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'

The US State Department apparently had credible information at least 48 hours before the attacks on our embassy in Cairo and consulate in Benghazi; as early as September 4th Egyptian intelligence sources apparently warned the United States of possible attacks.

Was 'Revenge for Drone Strike'

As many as 400 attackers took part in a coordinated military-style assault on the consulate in Benghazi. This kind of organized operation makes mockery of the theory that these attacks are any kind of emotionally-fueled reactions to a goofey movie on YouTube.

The attackers not only hit the consulate in Benghazi, they knew the location of a classified safe house where the ambassador and security personnel withdrew to after the initial hit. This is where our ambassador's vehicle was fired upon with RPG rockets, and he was subsequently killed and his body dragged through the streets. It is not certain whether he was sodomized before or after he succumbed to his wounds and smoke inhalation.

The campaign against our embassies are al Qaeda in the Mahgreb (AQIM) marking the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, possibly fueled by extensive media attention recently regarding the killing of bin Laden.

The odd timing of the SEAL Book on the Osama Raid - which conveniently suits the incumbent in the US presidential elections - and the repeated mentions of the killing of bin Laden by Obama's campaign - seem to have stirred the ire of the Islamist foe.

The fallout from the raid on the Benghazi consulate and safe house includes sensitive documents missing, exposing the names of Libyans who are working with Americans, both as intelligence informants and those associated with oil contracts.

Obama Owns This

In true liberal double standards, the same people who claimed that George W. Bush somehow had prior warning of the 9-11 attacks, and who castigated him endlessly over actions before and after those horrific attacks, now attempt to deflect their own responsibility onto Republican candidate Mitt Romney, for his comments on this deplorable state of affairs.

The suggestion that Mitt Romney is somehow irresponsible or reckless in calling this thing the way he sees it is laughable. This is a total meltdown and failure of US foreign policy, and the people who wear it are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Current Occupier of the Oval Office Barack Obama.

They were warned, there was ample warning, there should have been robust security measures in place for the anniversary of 9-11, and instead the entire Obama administration - specifically their State Department functionaries - were totally asleep at their posts.

How's that Arab Spring thingie workin' out for ya now, Barry?


Thursday, September 13, 2012


. . . and it does not end well.

Mobs gather in the streets of Very Important Populous Middle Eastern nation

Democrat US President, viewed as week overseas, turns back on beleagured, long-time US ally; Benevolent Dictator of Very Important Populous Middle Eastern nation. Benevolent Dictator is run out of town on a rail, replaced by Charismatic Muslim Spiritual Leader.

Now (former) Benevolent Dictator falls dreadfully ill immediately following his fall from power. Meanwhile the mob continues to gather in the city squares and plazas, banging the drum, chanting - major theme of the day: America = Great Satan.

Every revolution needs it's pivotal moment. Think: Lexington & Concord, the Bastille, etc. The Islamic Revolution's trademark move is to march upon the US embassy and overrun the compound.

The US embassy in Cairo is a fortress; the mobs breached the outer walls and tore down the flag, but the main facility withstood the onslaught. I guarantee there were some tight sphincters in that building, and the few Marines in that place had on full battle-rattle.

The consulate in Benghazi is another story; a consulate is not an embassy. A consulate can be a hotel room. We all know what happened at the US consulate in Benghazi - what stands out as extraordinary is that this was not a mob of protesters; rather, this was a concerted military assault with heavy weapons. The ambassador was killed after his armored vehicle was hit with four RPG rockets, which indicates the sophistication of the assailants; they knew he was there, and they had a plan.

US embassy in Cairo overrun, American flag torn down, black banner of al Qaeda - our hated enemy - run up. US consulate in Benghazi attacked, burned to the ground, US ambassador and three others killed, their bodies dragged through the streets.

And the immediate response of the first Muslim President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - was to issue an apology to the protesters.

All this on the anniversary of 9-11, no less.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Recently released audio files detailing the unfolding horror of the September 11th attacks reveal the complete communications recordings between military and civilian air traffic controllers as they dealt with the hijackings in real time.

“We have a problem here. We have hijacked aircraft headed towards New York and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up here to help us out,” a worker at a Boston control center says at 8:37 a.m., according to the recordings. No planes had struck any targets yet.

The official on the other end of the line asks if it is all a test.

“No, this is not an exercise, this is not a test!” the worker says.

The recordings show the confusion that ran rampant among air traffic controllers after the hijackers turned off their aircraft transponders, making it difficult for radar to track them.

In another excerpt, after the first plane had struck the North Tower World Trade Center, an official in a New York center sees a second plane: “Hey, can you look out your window right now?… Can you see a guy at about 4,000 feet, about five East of the airport right now? . . . do you see that guy — look — is he descending into the building also?”

Seconds later, the plane explodes inside the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Someone is heard saying: “Another one just hit the building. Wow. Another one just hit it hard. Another one just hit the World Trade.”

“The whole building just, ah, came apart,” someone says.

Someone utters: “Oh my God.”

The complete audio files and transcripts are published on the Rutgers Law Review website. The 9/11 Commission staff had started compiling the recordings into a single document but did not finish in time for it be released with the Commission’s report.

Never forget.

Never never never NEVER FORGET.


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Monday, September 10, 2012


Clint is a badass . . .

Sunday, September 9, 2012


It was in the Philippines, late Eighties, during what we sarcastically referred to as The Great Pinoy War. Strolling down a dark, dusty back road a comrade stated dryly to no one in particular, "Can you imagine dying in a place like this."

I said, "I don't mind dying in a place like this. What I don't want to do is die
FOR a place like this."

My buddy Superman & friend observing over 100 years of American military operations in the Republic of the Philippines

I maintain this sentiment to this day. Who knows what kind of stinking battlefield Thor and Odin choose for us to make our final stand? The problem with the current state of affairs in Afghanistan is we have successfully painted ourselves into a corner; since NATO stepped in we relinquished any kind of unity of command; a hostile human environment isolates our troops to firebases which may as well be tiny islands in a vast ocean; we no longer maneuver.

War-weary US numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths

It is time to completely rethink our strategy in this the Great Global War on Terror. The enemy has succeeded into turning this thing to his advantage; he has tied down our forces and forced us to commit blood and treasure for a goal which is as unattainable as it is unworthy: "Nation Building".

To Hell with Afghanistan - we have expended far too much blood & treasure over a worthless pile of rocks infested with the most vile people on the planet. Ten years of Soviet occupation, the subsequent civil wars and oppression of the Taliban and ten years of conflict against the might and fury of the West has left the traditional tribal system in tatters. All the people there live for is growing opium and killing; each other and anybody else, by whatever means necessary - to include sacrificing their own young in mindless suicide attacks.

There is no oil there, there is no longer any clear objective. Karzai is not an honorable ally; he is a savage warlord who won the draw of the straws when the Americans came to town, nothing more nothing less. His brother is a druglord and his soldiers slay ours in increasing green-on-blue hits. We need to decamp, withdraw to strategic castles from whence we can sally forth and slay the Saracen enemy at time & place of our choosing - not theirs.

It is time to abandon the folly of 'Nation Building' - one cannot carve out a nation for a people and hand it over - they must want to do it for themselves - and besides; we can no longer afford the luxury of such largess; the war in Afghanistan is being fought on borrowed money. As we fiddle about for a chunk of real estate that no longer has any strategic value whatsoever, the real strategic threat in the region is Iran.

Karzai will be deposed as has been the fate of every Afghan leader since the 1970s and before - he will be dragged through the streets by his heels. Sorry about that sh*t - we gave you ten years to sort things out with our assistance; now is time to make it on your own. Sink or swim, and the worthless inhabitants of that Godforsaken pile of rocks will resume feeding upon their young, worshipping dirt and sodomizing each other.

The place is not worth another single drop of blood of our honorable warriors.

It is fitting that I write this my 2,000th post since beginning this blog in April of 2009, on the eve of September 11th. This blog is dedicated to honoring veterans of the great nations of the English-speaking peoples; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States AUSCANZUKUS



Green Beret from Mesquite dies in Afghanistan combat . . .

US Army Staff Sergeant Jeremie Border of Mesquite Texas died 1 September 2012 in Batur Village, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire. He was assigned to 1st Battalion / 1st Special Forces Group, Torii Station, Okinawa.

Honor him.



. . . Marshall Jed Cooper (Clint) confronts Reno (Joseph Sirola) - one of the bad guys who lynched him. Outcome: the usual, when you cross the Clint . . .


Clint's empty chair is the epitome of wit & satire - dry, minimalist - brevity is the soul of wit - so cutting edge that a going on a week+ later it is still resounding in the media.

Now is a good time to review, so I dialed it in and had another look at Clint's masterful performance. Have a look for yourself. Dirty Harry is on it, he is sharp as a tack and he got right under the Liberal's skin with that empty chair and they can't stop talking about it . . .



Earlier this evening a text came across one of my comms channels: WHEN YOU PLANNING TO START WRITING STORMBRINGER AGAIN???

Sheesh - hate to break it to you heroes but I actually have a life outside of the email machine and the blogosphere, and that life is partly to blame for what happened.

Problem is I've moved up in life and nowadays my work involves a lot of time sitting in a chair - which I hate - but there is a serious management and admin aspect to what I do. At the same time I have to be ready to ride to the sound of the guns and what got me hurt was working out like I'm still in my thirties, without a proper warmup.

I was in a hurry Wednesday morning so I went down into the Jungle Room and just threw around the free weights like they were pick-up sticks - one of my parlor tricks is amazing feats of strength - then got cleaned up and drove in to the office.

I'm gonna lift and lift and lift and lift unitl I'm HUGE ! ! !

Around noon time I realized "Houston - we have a problem." I dealt with it. The next day I had some business to attend to, but it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere near the office. I limped on down to the ER as soon as I was able, and had the Butcher there do his good work.

We have a saying in Special Forces: "To cut is to cure."

That's what I went through on Thursday. Oh yes.

What got me here in the first place is what's taking me so long to bounce back; I ain't twenty years old anymore.

And that's what's taking me so long to heal - I ain't exactly a spring chicken.

I saw the Doc again today he said I'm healing fine.

I'm just laying up sorry and taking it easy. I'm really worried about next week - between some potentially lucrative business development and the ASIS convention it is going to be an EXTREMELY busy schedule - but now I think I'll be able to make it.

The Birds are updated, and I'm working on a 1,000 word post. Stand by to stand by.


You Didn't Build That Dept.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Some of the men and women returning from the service genuinely need help. But most do not - and we're tired of being pitied.

from The Atlantic

by James Joyner

Judging from media accounts, I'm the rare American veteran who isn't homeless, homicidal, or suicidal.

To be sure, the toll of almost 11 years of constant war has been high. Divorce among military families is at record levels at a time when it's declining among the civilian population. As best we can tell, veterans are half again as likely to be homeless as non-veterans. And more soldiers have killed themselves this year than have died on the battlefield.

These trends are damning and shameful. Thankfully, society has taken notice. In the past few years, there's been more investment in counseling services and other programs to help ameliorate the trauma of war and the pain of separation from family.

At the same time, it's fair to note that the comparative statistics are skewed, and that once we control for age, sex, and level of education, veterans are doing better in all these categories than their non-veteran counterparts. It's vital that we make this distinction, lest we falsely blame service for problems better explained by other variables.

This is a well-written article on a theme that is near and dear to my heart. Yes we veterans carry some baggage but I would argue that anybody and everybody who has ever engaged in any kind of worthy endeavor does so as well. The image of the American Veteran as some kind of ticking time bomb ready to go off in a combat-generated flashback, or some kind of pathetic mentally disturbed borderline psycho is a myth generated post-Vietnam by the liberal media and perpetrated by Hollywood in a series of films like Rambo and The Deer Hunter.

The truth is that veterans are more likely to be successful in their post-military life, and we have learned valuable skills - not least of all self-discipline - to drive that success. This is validated by the fact that employers seek out veterans for all levels of work - notably in management.

I do have one point of contention with the author of this piece, however. He states:

". . . we lure a lot of men and women into military service with the promise of paying for their education."

Correction Mr. Joyner - we do not "lure" anybody into military service - we recruit them. And Americans apparently understand the value of military experience because as long as I have worn the war suit - going back to the early eighties here - we have never wanted for lack of willing volunteers in the United States military. I have often said that if the American public fully understood what a truly great deal the military is, we wouldn't need recruiters, we'd need armed guards to keep out the hordes of people who'd be beating at the gates trying to force their way in.


This was sent in by my good friend LUNAR SPOOK - Charter Member of Team STORMBRINGER


'Our country as we know it may be lost forever'

Chuck Norris is a bona fide member of the American Warrior Class - he first learned his martial arts skills while stationed in Korea as a member of the United States Air Force. He can talk the talk because he has walked the walk.



Brilliance from National Review Online

1. Because he was not the one we were waiting for.

2. “Forward.”

3. Because Julia needs to get off her lazy, federally subsidized butt, get a real job, and pay for her own damned birth-control pills.

4. Because lots of people fail at their first real job.

5. Because “Winning the Future” was not a very good slogan back in 2005 when it was Newt’s.

6. Because the country is ready for its first African-American former president.

7. To give him the free time to write his third memoir.

8. Because he’ll have even more “flexibility” after November if he’s back in Chicago.

9. Joe Biden.

10. So that dissent will once again be the highest form of patriotism.

11. Because he didn’t quite get the message in 2010.

12. For claiming that he would cut the deficit in half.

13. And then adding more than $5 trillion in new debt.

14. To remind him that debt used to be, in his own words, “unpatriotic.”

15. Because the buck never stops.

16. For blaming President Bush.

17. For blaming headwinds.

18. For blaming Japanese earthquakes.

19. For blaming ATMs.

20. He can’t get the vice president to stop calling him “Barack” in public.

21. Gabby Giffords shooting commemorative T-shirts and pep rally.

22. Because he listened to the Reverend Wright’s crackpot racist diatribes for years and then gave us a lecture on racism.

23. For ignoring his own deficit commission.

24. Because of an $800 billion stimulus bill.

25. “Shovel-ready” projects.

26. The non-existence of shovel-ready projects.

27. For joking about the non-existence of shovel-ready projects.

28. Because “jobs created or saved” is Enron accounting.

29. Because there were stimulus grants in imaginary ZIP codes.

30. For proposing a $53 billion high-speed-rail project while Amtrak is still losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

31. For repeatedly citing the 2007 Minnesota bridge collapse as evidence of the need for expanded infrastructure spending when federal investigators ruled that bad design, not disrepair, caused the collapse.

32. For 613 new federal regulations in the first 33 months of his presidency.

33. And because 129 of those regulations will each cost the economy more than $100 million a year.

34. Because the Small Business Administration estimates the price of current regulations at $1.75 trillion annually — a bigger burden than the corporate income tax.

35. Because his neck must be hurting from keeping his chin up in the air for nearly four years.

36. Because Cass Sunstein boasted about an “unprecedentedly ambitious government-wide review” of regulation that saved only $2 billion per year, or 0.1 percent of the cost of regulatory compliance.

37. “The private sector is doing fine.”

38. Because the private sector isn’t doing fine.

39. Because his administration predicted the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent.

40. February 9, 2009: “If we get things right, then starting next year, we can start seeing some significant improvement” on the employment front.

41. Because now we have a 24 percent unemployment rate for people 16 to 19 years old.

42. Because the lowest the unemployment rate was during the Obama administration was 8.1 percent.

43. Because the current unemployment rate is 8.3 percent.

44. Because 4 million Americans have been out of work for more than a year.

45. Because the black unemployment rate is 14.4 percent.

46. And the Hispanic unemployment rate is 10.3 percent.

47. And because the real unemployment rate — including those who have abandoned the job hunt — is even higher.

48. Because the percentage of working-age Americans who are employed has dropped from 61 percent to 58 percent — and stayed there.

49. Because, in his own words, his “first job is to make sure the economy is growing, that we’re creating jobs out there.” You said it, not us.

50. Because he spent all of 2007 and 2008 imploring us to send him to Washington and, now that he has the job, he can’t stop whining about how much he hates it there.

51. Because Nicholas Thompson, the vice president of polling firm The Tarrance Group, while discussing public views of Obama, said that “there’s a lot of people who feel sorry for him.” We should help them out.

52. Because when unemployment hit 10.2 percent, he extolled the economy’s “core strengths.”

53. Because in a fundraising e-mail of September 1, 2011, he demanded that Republicans “take action on” a jobs plan that he had not yet released.

54. Revising his tune on the recovery in December 2011, he said: “It’s going to take more than two years. It’s going to take more than one term. It probably takes more than one president.” We agree with that last part.

55. Because he promised to “ban all earmarks.”

56. But he didn’t ban earmarks.

57. And he promised to go “line by line” through legislation.

58. But of course he didn’t go line by line through legislation, and in the case of Obamacare apparently didn’t go through it at all.

59. “Let me be perfectly clear.”

60. Because corpsmen deserve a president who can pronounce “corpsman.”

61. Because Jay Carney is the least credible press secretary since Dee Dee Myers had to stand there pretending that she didn’t know what she knew about Bill Clinton.

62. Because Americans deserve the opportunity to see which White House pet will ride atop the Romney presidential limousine.

63. So you’ll be able to criticize the president again without being called a racist.

64. Because there are 46 million people on food stamps.

65. And spending on food stamps doubled from $39 billion in 2008 to $81 billion in 2012.

66. For the existence of food-stamp parties.

67. And the proliferation of food-stamp advertisements.

68. Because he launched the most harebrained foreclosure scheme imaginable.

69. And because there were a record 2.8 million foreclosures in 2009.

70. And then a record 2.9 million foreclosures in 2010.

71. Recovery Summer.

72. Recovery Summer II.

73. Recovery Summer III.

74. Because America cannot handle any more Recovery Summer sequels.

75. To affirm that 50 states are enough.

76. Because he values Jon Corzine’s advice.

77. Because he values Joe Biden’s advice.

78. The fact that the stimulus spent $9.38 million to renovate a train depot that
has been closed for 30 years.

79. And $762,000 to develop YouTube–like dance software.

80. And invested $2.5 million in dead people.

81. And sent $11 million to Microsoft to build a bridge at its campus.

82. Not to mention millions of stimulus dollars spent advertising the stimulus.

83. And $300,000 to study yoga’s impact on menopause.

84. As well as $30 million to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies to build a training complex.

85. And $200,000 to help Siberians lobby their legislators.

86. And $700,000 to help crab fishermen to recover their crab pots.

87. And more to get monkeys high on cocaine.

88. For that vice-presidential salute to “the people building smart toasters . . . this is real stuff.”

89. Because the stimulus included an earmark for a Los Angeles–Las Vegas Maglev railway.

90. And there is not going to be a Los Angeles–Las Vegas Maglev railway.

91. Because he didn’t let a crisis go to waste.

92. Because he demonizes Wall Street bankers.

93. Except his first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel of Wasserstein Perella.

94. And his successor, Bill Daley of JP Morgan.

95. And his successor, Jacob Lew of Citigroup.

96. Because we wouldn’t mind seeing Goldman Sachs take a loss on this particular investment.

97. Because since he took office, real median household income is down $4,300.

98. Because he can’t distinguish between conservatism and anarchism.

99. Because his “jobs czar” praised Germany for the fact that “government and business [work] as a pack.”

100. He revived the old “social Darwinism” canard.

101. “Top-down economics.”

Read the rest of them HERE

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



92-year-old WWII Vet Shoots & Kills Intruder at Home

Earl Jones, 92, says he was protecting his life and property when he shot and killed an intruder early Monday in rural Boone County. / The Enquirer/Mark Curnutte

VERONA, Kentucky — Earl Jones had just turned off his new TV shortly after 2 a.m. Monday when he heard a bang in the basement.

The 92-year-old Boone County farmer walked eight paces to get his loaded .22 caliber rifle from behind the bedroom door. He unwrapped a beige cloth and returned to the living room, sitting in a chair with clear view – and shot – of the basement door, waiting with the gun across his lap.

Some 15 minutes later, when he heard footsteps moving closer up the stairs, he raised the rifle to his eye. The intruder kicked open the door. Jones fixed his aim on the center of the man’s chest and fired a single shot. The Boone County Sheriff later announced the death of the intruder, Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell, 24, of Richmond, Ky.

“These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog,” Jones told the Enquirer. “They have our country in havoc. We got so many damned crooked people walking around today.”

This will be listed as a gun-related death statistic, to be used by the Left for their cause against the Second Amendment. And yet there is nothing wrong and everything right about this man's actions - he was practicing his God-given right to self-defense.