Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Occupy Movement

A month ago I attended the Conference on Global Security at Yale where a young man who is now a colleague presented a paper on Occupy. It was pointed out that Occupy in Italy has some figureheads from the Red Brigades - to include Antonio Negri. On Monday in an upscale neighborhood of Genoa Roberto Adinolfi CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare - an Italian nuclear engineering company - was kneecapped by a motorbike shooter. The police are already wondering if the Red Brigades are back.

This is significant from many different points of view; not just the possible perpetrators, but also the nature of the target; CEO of a nuclear company. Kneecapping by bike-mounted gunman is a definite Red Brigades MO.

An intriguing aspect of the whole Occupy phenomenon is self-proclaimed anarchists embracing Marxist socialist ideals, i.e. NO-govt types seeking MORE govt involvement. The following was written before what happened in Italy so it's kind of spooky in that regard: The Reality of the Anarchist Threat and Prospects for the Future

The tent-dwelling placard-toting street-marching Occupiers are just useful idiots, tools for the behind-the-scenes people, whoever is pulling the strings.

The Tea Party

In the meantime today on the Rush Limbaugh Show a caller reported that on April 19th she attended a Tea Party rally in Louisville, where she estimated that there were somewhere between 350, 450 people there. Zero coverage in the media, of course.

The Lamestream Media thinks that the Tea Party has gone dormant, that it doesn't exist anymore. What the Left and members of the establishment Republican Party fail to grasp is that we're not a protest movement anymore; we're organizing and trying to get people oriented toward winning elections.

I know this for a fact because on 27 March I was in Washington DC - right when the Supreme Court was hearing on Obamacare. At a rest stop in I-95 in Maryland I counted 11 great big tour buses - eleven - and I thought, 'This place is going to be a madhouse.' Let me tell you; inside the place the line at the coffee counter was full of the most gracious and genteel people I've ever seen at a StarBucks - not a nose ring nor a neck tattoo in sight. It was the Tea Party, out in force and they were all so full of excitement and electricity, commenting on concepts such as Constitutional rights and individual freedoms.

Later in the week I was at the Washington DC headquarters of FreedomWorks - visitors are greeted at the door by a gigantic portrait of Ayn Rand; the place is festooned with rattlesnake flags and other Tea Party propaganda.

The Tea Party crowd is so classy, so dignified, but as far as the major news outlets; not a word about the Tea Party. Please keep going to Tea Party movements; we're alive and well.

Rush points out that the interesting thing here is, the news media is trying to convince everybody that Occupy Wall Street is alive and well and that the Tea Party is dead, when it's just the exact opposite.

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  2. What do you expect from a media that saya a crowd that is 6 times as large as one they stated was 150,000 strong was only "about 60,000 people". They lie so much even they are starting to believe it. Buncha morons.