Monday, August 13, 2012


HERA ARMS makers of the Glock Carbine Kit have turned their sights on the M1911 pistol. The Colt Pistol Extension (CPE) turns any mil-sepc 1911 into a .45 carbine.

Installation is simple. All that is involved is removing the grip panels and attaching the CPE in their place.

A stock adapter is available which allows AR-15 stocks to be attached. The 1911 used with the kit needs to be mil-spec; non-mil-spec sights will interfere with installing the kit.

In the United States this kit could be legally installed on any 1911 without violating BAFTE rules, as long as no stock or foregrip is attached. As soon as a stock or a foregrip is added, the gun must be registered with the BATFE.

I wonder if it works with Fab's new M4 GL-MAG Buttstock:

That's my buddy DoubleTapper looking lean-and-mean.

I haven't shot it myself but I like the idea of the extra weight in the back for stability, this could be a good idea for air crew's M4's. DoubleTapper reports "It's a great way to carry an extra magazine. It was comfortable to shoot with and I liked the feel of the rifle with the extra weight at the back."


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