Saturday, March 22, 2014


Update: Civilian Explains Why He Donned Military Uniform

Two weeks ago, Scott, 22, was confronted by veterans on the Delta College campus for wearing an Airborne Rangers uniform. Scott never served in the military. The confrontation with campus veterans escalated, and eventually led to the arrest of one man by Delta College police officers for disturbing the peace and making threats.

Total maroon toolkit claims he "failed ASVAP because he has PTSD from something that happened to him when he was three" - what? did they drop him on his head?

"I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military. And to those who I upset and made mad, I do apologize," Scott said from outside his grandfather's Modesto home.

"[U.S. Attorney General's office] states, there is no enforceable action we could have taken against [Scott] without violating his constitutional rights," Delta College police officer Jim Bock explained.

I guess they didn't find 10 USC Sections 771 and 772 nor did they realize the Stolen Valor act had been re-born . . .

"I want to apologize to the Delta police officers for the threats they've been getting," Scott said.

Scott said he has wanted to join the U.S. Army for a long time, but failed his Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. He took special education classes and never graduated from high school.

Scott's grandfather Joe Scott said his grandson suffered a serious event at age three that left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

You've got to be stupider than dirt to flunk the ASVAP which is a vocational test not a pass / fail test of academic knowledge . . . I mean is it even POSSIBLE to fail the ASVAP???

OK so this guy is basically a booger-eating moron drool cup candidate . . . but this NEXT guy is involved in criminal fraud and methinks he is destined for The Big House:


A Sonoma County man is accused of using a phony military background to convince people to invest in a phony business. Investors say this man used all sorts of stories -- that he's a Navy SEAL, a Special Forces sniper, a member of the Coast Guard, and the Army Corps of Engineers. All of it, not true. And now, law enforcement is investigating.

Alden Feldon told Marin County Small Claims Court, "For the $6,000 I gave him, he was going to give me $18,000 back."

Chuck Lyman has a small claims case pending against him in Marin County. Feldon says Lyman convinced him he had a deal to buy containers from the Port of Oakland, refurbish them, and sell them to the Army to help bring American troops home from Afghanistan.

That story worked with Feldon and several others, who gave Lyman money to invest. He insisted on cash.

Alden Feldon told Noyes he gave Lyman "$6,000 over time."
Susan Ferrell: "$2,500."
Darlene Stone: "$17,000."
Beth Mullen: "$30,000."

Lyman was able to draw them in, because of his tall tales of military service.

Alden Feldon told Noyes, "He said he had worked in the service and that he was currently employed in the Coast Guard."

Darlene Stone added, "When I first met him, he brought up Navy SEALs and Special Forces."

Susan Ferrell said, "I thought it was the Army Corps of Engineers, and he was like an ex-Navy SEAL."

Lyman's records that Noyes obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show all of that is not true. He spent six years with the Army National Guard Reserves as a mechanic - "no active duty".

National Guard mechanic jumps into a phone booth, come out a Special Forces, Navy SEAL Army Corp of Engineers kinda guy, and then with said new titles, scam people out of tens of thousands of dollars. I'm in the process of standing up a business right now and I need investors, and because of shitstains like this tool it's no wonder people are apprehensive about helping Vets these days . . .



  1. Apparently the Delta College cops are proud graduates of the institution, and failed the ASVAB too.

    The vets should have thrashed Dipstick, removed his uniform, and taken their chances with the jury.
    Their legal defense fund would only have had $40,000,000 by a week from Tuesday once word got out, and it would notify similar sh*tbirds from coast to coast to try wearing different feathers.

    Modesto's not that far to drive...

  2. That is a pretty serious charge - failing the ASVAB. You got to be bucket of rocks stupid to do that.

  3. I am at a loss for a dignified response...................You should have seen some of the potential recruits when I was at AFEES Spokane WA in 1972...................................I beat a guy with a Masters Degree on the old AFQT...............................Most of the officers in my home town PD were not the sharpest knives in the drawer either....................

  4. Yeah, we weren't overwhelmed with rocket scientists at the station in Nashville, either, that year. Had one draftee who tried to fail his ASVAB. He was there for his physical.