Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is an Arabic letter which is being painted on Christians' homes in Mosel, Iraq . . .

. . . to identify them as Christians. They have been given the ultimatum to leave, pay a heavy tax, convert, or die by the sword. I wish any good Muslims left on Earth would stand up to this. We need to show the world that this is not Islam. We need to show them that SILENCE IS A SIGN OF ACCEPTANCE. Let's all stand up the way people stood up when race was an issue in our country. Oddly enough, this Arabic letter is the letter N, which begins to spell the word Nazarene (Christian).



  1. "Good muslim"? You jest.

  2. Radical Muslims kill non-believers;

    Moderate Muslims pray that radical Muslims kill non-believers.

    To paraphrase Kipling: "for every one of ours killed, we kill one hundred of theirs".

  3. I got this from a blog site, I don't know whose:

    "We are at war with a pervasive and persistent enemy though you’ll struggle to find anyone amongst our national leadership that will admit the following truth; Islam is the enemy of Western Civilization.
    I didn’t say radical Islam, Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, extremist Islam, I said ISLAM…as in the whole."

  4. Are the crusades coming back? Governments don't seem to want to get their hand dirty