Sunday, September 7, 2014


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. - Seneca

Please forgive the recent lapse in posting - its been an incredibly hectic week in the middle of an incredibly hectic past six months. I'm currently looking for the next thing to keep me financial after the current contract finishes at the end of the month.

There are all kinds of opportunities out there and I'm considering all of them. A lot of networking, a lot of moving around. In the meantime I'm still struggling to start up my own private army, and the writing project has morphed into three novels - at least I'm getting paid for one of them, which is a significant development.

My advice to young people is to find a vocation that involves a marketable skill. We live in an era when a mechanic or a welder makes as much - if not more - as a white collar worker, and can call his own shots about where he wants to work and what hours.

Soldiering is a good trade if you're in the US or the Commonwealth forces but it's not for everyone; your heart has to be in it, you've got to want to do it. Also, it doesn't start to really pay off until you're halfway through the twenty year mark, and the real money comes after twenty and involves going to bad places full of evil people who only wish to do you harm.

Chin up, keep positive, as long as you're on this side of the Dirt Nap and nobody's shooting at you things aren't as bad as things could be. More to follow.



  1. Not a frequent commentor but a frequent reader and enjoy your insights of current events. Thanks for keeping up with a daily bird post! If we didn't find those each day, we would know to send out a SAR for you.

  2. Welders are always in demand. It was easy to work 3-6 months and take the rest of the year off comfortably.
    Never had to miss a hunting season :)