Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This came across the wire on my Facebook timeline . . . posted here full text . . . S.L.

Michael Moore, supported by a cadre of fellow liberals, weighed in on the movie "American Sniper" and took the liberty - and I mean took the liberty literally - to criticize military snipers as "cowards."

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sean Johnson. I currently work for Congressman Paul Gosar as his Wounded Warrior Military and Veteran Liaison. I am a Marine and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. I am medically retired due to injuries I sustained during my service in Afghanistan.

I personally know what our snipers do. I have worked with these guys. Calling them cowards wouldn't faze them one bit but it would amuse them, coming from a soft, Hollywood leftist like Michael Moore. If anyone knows cowards it might be him.

Snipers play a key role in military operations. They often go out in advance to secure an area where operations are planned. They go behind enemy lines alone with possibly only a spotter. It is incredibly dangerous. They most often hike into remote areas, up mountains, down valleys, through extreme heat or extreme cold. These men are total bad asses.

During operations they protect our troops who are conducting sweeps and other activities. They keep an eye out for enemies, suicide bombers, etc. They have saved the lives of countless soldiers. One good sniper taking out a suicide bomber can save dozens of troops.

They are used for taking out high value targets. Enemy combat leaders can be effectively targeted thus degrading the enemies' operational readiness and leadership command.

Snipers can buy time for troops withdrawing from a combat zone. It's hard for the enemy to advance when anyone who stands up to attack our soldiers gets a bullet to the head.

Far from being cowards, these are some of our best men. They operate in the worst circumstances often alone in the elements. And they don't complain. They do it because it's right, it's their job and they believe in protecting their fellow soldiers and protecting our way of life granted to us by the Constitution.

I thank God for these brave men. They save lives every day. I hope you join me and Congressman Gosar in praying for the health and safety of all of our snipers, and maybe pray for Michael Moore to one day understand that his liberty to attack snipers like Chris Kyle is only possible because of these brave patriots.

Please re-transmit on all frequencies . . .



  1. It may be more accurate to put Moore's ``documentarian'' designation in quotes.

  2. My Uncle, CSM George Miller ran the SOTIC at Bragg and was chairman of the sniper committee. I have a poster he gave me of one of the SF's finest peering down his leupold over my desk at work. I understand great men have paid an invaluable price for dirtbags like mm to spout their heresy and propaganda. I personally admire and have the utmost respect for all the BRAVE men of the Green Beret and all our armed services. Thanks to each and every one of you!! I pray for your all's health and safety. DOL

    1. Little Brother - I knew your Uncle well, it was an honor to attend his internment at Arlington National Cemetery. Please reach out to me on email - thank you.

  3. As i have put elsewere MM is taking the oxegen a thinking ameba could use.

  4. Moore is simply trolling for attention these days. Getting everyone up in a fuss about it, writing blog posts, etc. just gets him more attention he craves.

  5. Fatso Moore's clearly peeved a movie about a genuine American hero could make more money in one weekend than all the trip he has ever produced has ever made.

  6. So why is mm not shown the retro active abortion program. He will like it for sure.

  7. this is really good blog about our brave hero.

  8. this is a baffling reply to Michael More and he must take a lesson from it.

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