Saturday, May 16, 2015


When people say good things about my status as a veteran I have a couple of stock answers: I say it was better than working for a living, and I say that I am not a hero, but I served in the company of heroes. Both are the God's honest truth, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have served as a United States soldier. It was an honor and a privilege . . . S.L.

Looking back, something drew me to it like a magnet, almost as if it was Fate. I was fortunate to make my way to America as an immigrant and to find my way into the greatest Army that ever marched across a battlefield. A series of good decisions and a lot of hard work got me into Special Forces where you don't earn the Green Beret after graduation - you earn it every day, by deed and thought.

Now I'm no altruist - I'm not Mother Theresa and I'm no Boy Scout - and I know I was fortunate to fall into a profession that in many ways is a cause; I fight Evil. I got here almost by chance because growing up everybody I knew - to include my family - was against me joining the military. They made fun of my dreams and ambition to be a soldier, told me I was misguided and out of my mind.

What I do nowadays is an extension of that; I'm still fit enough to carry on the fight, to make a difference in my own little way through my work in the security profession. I'm not wealthy but if I was I'd do everything I could to stand up my own Army and take the fight to the terrorist scum enemy who threaten everything we hold dear and love, whose evil cause is the destruction of Civilization itself. If I had the resources and the right sponsors I would go to the terrorist countries and start taking their cities apart brick by brick.

There would be no more Somali pirates because they would be swinging from gallows with the ravens picking at their eye sockets and their palaces would be smoking ruins. The rat bastards decapitating Christians and tearing apart ancient heritage sites would be a mere footnote in the dustbin of history and it wouldn't be hard because they're stupid enough to parade around in trucks and wave their flags all over the place. I'd call in the A-10 squadron of my private air force and the Warthogs would feast on them day and night.

Drastic situations call for drastic measures; if I could have my way we'd adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy towards terrorists and terrorist wannabes in our own midst. Any immigrant who joins the cause of Evil will pay and his or her family will pay - expulsion back to whatever hell hole country they came from. "Sorry about that shit, sure sucks to be you, should have thought about that before you decided to be a big, bad Terr." We simply will not allow our benevolence towards the outcasts of the world be mistaken for weakness; we will not allow ourselves to be exploited by the harbingers of hatred who at this very moment dwell among us.

The terrorist enemy we currently face is the closest thing to Evil Incarnate I can possibly imagine. Those who are captured alive would be given tribunals in accordance with the Hague and Geneva Conventions, then tied to stakes and shot; in accordance with the Hague and Geneva Conventions. We will allow three out of every group to live - so their stories are corroborated - to go back and tell all the others how we wrapped the bodies of the terrorists in pig skins and buried them in graves filled with pig fat and pig guts. And in the end it would be like Lt. Col Ralph Peters said: we would ". . . leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows" . . . only there wouldn't be that many widows.

The so-called altruists and hand-wringers in the media may not like it but in the end the annals of History will tell of how good, decent people stood up and refused to allow Civilization to be held hostage and destroyed by evil murderous nihilistic death cult fanatics, and what we did to expunge this outright Evil from the world. Just like we did to the Fascists and Imperial Japanese war criminals and yes even the Soviet Communists when we shut down their killing machines.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell



  1. If only it could be done that way!

  2. Some people just need killing.

  3. You got my vote!! So glad you're back in country!!!!

    Many thanks DOL

  4. been 2 yrs since I finished 20 in the army as we liked to call combat mechanics. I would join YOUR army in a sec. love your blog, welcome home. vet to vet, thanks for what you've done & do .

  5. Great article, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What goes around comes around. The yeehadis will get what they got coming soon enough. A couple of those turds found out in Texas!.There's more of that waiting for them. Love ya man!

  6. Just found this site and Thank you for your service. I knew a guy who served S Korea 1977-1978 DMZ. Exposed to Agent Orange and any Korean female alive there known to have sexual Deseases? 101st Airborn Delta that's all

  7. this smoking violence has set world at blaze

  8. this is a good work done by you guys, I will be thankful for your services.

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