Monday, November 16, 2015


Sitting here in a diner in Northern Virginia, just pulled into town yesterday from one of the most exotic lands I've ever had the privilege of visiting . . . Ethiopia . . . only just heard of the Paris attacks after I got off the plane - they happened on my birthday. I'm surrounded by good American people on this autumn Sunday morning, coming from church, having a special morning out, talking about school, sporting events or buying cars; meanwhile I'm trying to figure it all out . . . will it ever be over?. . . There ain't no figuring it out . . . this is War, and War is Hell, and it ain't ever over . . .



  1. If you're going to be in that town for a while try:
    O'Sullivan's Irish Pub.
    Russia House
    Virginia Kitchen.

  2. The bad news: It's not over.
    The good news: It will be someday.
    The question: Will anyone be left standing?
    The answer: Only the chosen...Merry Christmas, P.

  3. No. It will never be over.

    Ever since ~ 620 AD when MOham came along, Islam has set a steady course of death, destruction and conquest. I believe it is driven by a false god. Nonetheless, that false god inspires Muslims to Islam's bloody aims. And that, Sean, is all that there is there.

    Are there 'good' Muslims. Yes. But there is something about Islam that infests evil into its adherents. Much like, perhaps, as happened in Hitler's Germany; but much more long lived.

    I know that we think we can trace the rise of fascism in Germany. But can we also trace that self same spirit in Mussolini's Italy, Pol Pot's Cambodia, North Korea's Kim, Saudi Arabia's monarchs? For I believe, these are all manifestations of the same evil spirit that has wrought some 100 Million deaths in the 20th century.

    So, today's rise of Islam is but a continuation of the evil spirit of the 20th century. But that rise is not new - it merely resurrects the bloody heritage of conquests of past centuries - and proclaim such as 'New'. It is not. It is old, and familiar.

    So, no Sean. It will never end unless Islam is eradicated from the face of this earth. And that can only happen by spiritual means at days end.

    We could perhaps pound and grind Islam into mere remnants - no money, no power, no territory, etc.

    And if we did, I believe Islam would resurrect.


    Islam, as a 'religion' is so internally inconsistent, that it ought to have failed, as have so many other such 'religions' in history.

    But Islam has not. Why?

    Likewise, the Jews and their religion ought to have been eradicated as so many powerful regimes throughout history have sought to do so. All have failed. Why?

    In the Jews case I say God.

    In the case of Islam I say lucifer.

    There is, actually, no rational explanation for the survival of one people (Jews) and the explosive success of another (Muslims), other than spiritual forces. Because earthly influences fail to explain such events.

    So Sean, I believe, until this conflict is resolved in Heaven, there will be no resolution on Earth.

    So will the battle with Islam end - NO. And it is awfully and sadly that I say that. It all breaks my heart.


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