Thursday, July 11, 2013


This is my good friend Jeff Snark - photo taken from our high school yearbook ERAWAN International School Bangkok, 1976. That photograph was taken in the snake temple in Penang, Malaysia - we all went there on holidays and yes those are deadly pit vipers, totally laid back by the vibe in that place. Every one of us has photos like that, but nobody quite pulled it off like Jeff -S.L.

"That picture is of my earthly form. What you don't see are my other set of arms and the other face with the snake tongue and my chariot pulled by singhas. Leave me offerings . . ."

Snark Sends:

Right on StormBringer go for it. I don't know what was deadlier, those snakes or my shirt.

Does this qualify me as a snake eater? I DO love rattlesnake chili.


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  1. That shirt is a deadly weapon of optic assault ;)