Monday, July 1, 2013


The HAIX® Mission boot was developed in cooperation with the KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Command, KSK - German Special Forces). . .

. . . from Afghanistan to Papua New Guinea to northern Sasketchewan - this is the epitome of the Four Season Boot - S.L.

With its four season GORETEX, your feet will feel comfortable no matter what the temperature extremes. The quick-lacing two-zone system allows independent adjustment between the upper and lower boot and the ability to tuck the lace ends into a side pocket. Other features include ankle support with additional ankle padding, puncture protection, and a special purpose Vibram sole with rubber protectors at the front and back.

Although I am often approached, I do not often endorse products. A close friend who is also a business friend urged me to attend the Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo and meet with the Haix people. Always interested in a new venture or endeavor, I returned to my adopted home town.

Listening to their descriptions of their footwear and the concepts and purpose that drove the new designs, I learned that these boots are highest quality German workmanship, with innovative features such as a rubberized toe to protect the front of the boot while lying prone, significant ankle support, a unique tread, and a nylon plate for puncture protection that Kevlar cloth cannot provide, GORETEX to wick moisture away to provide dryness and warmth in winter, coolness in the heat of a tropical summer.

I saw immediately that these boots were like none before - and I speak with over twenty-five years of wearing the war suit. You could walk on the moon with these boots.

I heartily endorse this product!!!



  1. I followed the link to their site but in their products section they do not show this boot??

  2. Sorry- to clarify; the Mission Boot is not yet up on the online catalog. I have their printed catalog and it is in there. Please contact Haix US directly at:

    859-281-0111 or (toll free) 866-344-HAIX (4249) or

    Mention you read about the boot on STORMBRINGER - I'm promoting this boot because it is simply the best boot I have ever seen, and yes I own a pair.

    Thanks, - S.L.

  3. I just checked again and the Mission Boot is now on there. It is not listed under their products, but if you go to the "Stores" tab it brings up two physical store locations and the "On line shopping" tab. The boot is there in the online section under military boots.