Friday, December 27, 2013


Guess who was Miss Lube Rack of 1955?

I know, you have no idea?

She could be a Movie star?

Recording artist?


She's a politician from California . . . scroll down for the answer!!

Her name is Nancy D'Alesandro

Still stumped?

Nancy D'Alesandro is today known as Nancy Pelosi, the former Miss Lube Rack 1955!

Yup, she started down at the gas station pumping gas with the boys and doin’ lube jobs!

Now she lubes us all!

"I don't think we should (cut Congressional pay). I think we should respect the work we do . . . I think it's necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded."

"Obamacare is an entrepeneurial bill . . . if you want to be creative and be a musician . . . you can leave your work, focus on your talent . . . this is what our founders had in mind, ever expanding opportunity for people."

"We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it."

"I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels."

"Unemployment insurance . . . is a job creator."

"TEA Party carries swastikas."

"Every month we don't have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs." (She said this twice - FWIW total population of the United States = less than 350 million).

You can't make up this kind of stupid . . .



  1. NOOOO!!!! that can't be right!?!?!? That was 58 years ago (I was BORN in 1955!!)
    That would make her about 78.......


    Sorry to bust your bubble Stormy....
    That image did something to my psyche and I had to find out if this was true or not. Pheeeeww, now I can rest easy!


    1. A-W-W-W-W SHEE-it . . . I knew it was too good to be true. OK - I got had by the Internet Rumor Machine . . . oh well I'm keeping it up there - with your debunked urban legend link . . . the quotes are for real . . . unless THEY're too good to be true as well . . .

  3. Let's be fair about this:
    she's a politician from Baltimore.

    She only carpet-bagged to the Bay Area later in life.
    She's "from" California like Shrillary is "from" New York.

    Bad enough that the apes from the Bay Area vote for her, but don't drop her on our doorstep.

    Baltimore can have her back any time they want her.

  4. Regardless she has lubed us all anyway.... I am still waiting for my kiss.

  5. i still think shes HOT.x.o.