Saturday, October 31, 2009


Actual quotes from a Conference Call I participated in yesterday morning:

"The Corporate Death Star has gone into Geosynchronous Orbit over the site . . . . . . meanwhile they had a moment of Quiet Lucidity . . . "

"Uh, that's 'Silent', Chief - 'Silent Lucidity'."

"Oh, quite right. 'Silent Lucidity' . . .

QueensRyche - Silent Lucidity

"What I want you guys to do is go down there and corner the thing that's been lurking around that site . . . catch it, whatever it is, then hold it down and drive a stake through its heart and KILL IT . . .

"Now that I think about it this thing has a nasty history of resurrecting itself. I'm afraid a stake through the heart won't do the trick - You're going to have to use something more . . .

"Silver bullets. That's right, silver bullets. I want you guys to drive a stake through its heart and then fire silver bullets into its brain at point blank range. Make sure you bring along whatever it takes to kill zombies. Shotgun to the face, or whatever . . .

". . . the place is infested with zombies. Thousands of zombies . . .

"Zombies and werewolves and vampires and even more zombies, all over the place . . ."

Real conference call . . . and Halloween had nothing to do with it - the bossman talks that way even on a NORMAL day . . . I'm lyin' I'm dyin' . . . S.L.

"Happy Halloween Ladies!"

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