Thursday, October 22, 2009


From: J. Davis <>
Subject: Interview request from Fox 5
Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 8:38 PM

Hi there. My name is Jennifer Davis and I'm a reporter with Fox 5 News in Washington, D.C.

We are doing a story tonight about Marine Sgt. David Budway, who you wrote about in your blog. He's being sentenced today for claiming to be an injured veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and scamming his way into free events.

(Former) Marine David Budway. He dishonored the Corps.

We wondered if you are local - are you based in the DC area? If so, you seem to have a strong opinion about this guy. Would you want to talk about it on camera?

It's Wednesday, about 430 Eastern and I'm doing this story for 10 PM tonight. Please call me at our assignment desk if you want to talk - (XXX)-XXX-XXXX.


I answer all emails from readers, each and every one of them:

Hello Jennifer,

Sorry I'm so late in getting back to you - I just got off work, late. Thanks for the update on David Budwah - note I do not honor him with the title of "Marine" for he has dishonored the Corps, and I doubt he is still a sergeant.

Thank you also for your interest in my opinion - I am honored. Although I spend a lot of time in the DC area, I do not live there. My home is in North Carolina. I travel a lot in my work and at present time I am in the Midwest, for at least the next month or so.

Now I must be straight with you: I work in the security field and aspects of my work is sensitive in nature. Bottom line, my employers would not be excited to see me voicing my opinions on TV. Therefore, I must decline your offer for an interview. Anyhow, I don't know if I really want to be too closely associated with this story. There is no honor here.

Anyway Blog STORMBRINGER is not about publicity and it is not about a personal agenda; it satisfies a need I have for a creative outlet, and helps me explore the philosophy I am developing. There is legitimate reason I go by a pseudonym - there are people out there who know who I am, people I've served with, and that's good enough for me. The rest of you just have to have good faith, and enjoy STORMBRINGER as it develops.

Thanks again for your interest, and thank you for all the good work you do at the Fox network. You have a new fan.

Sean Linnane

P.S. My opinion about David Budwah - what do you think? He's a pathetic loser, and that's putting it mildly. He has virtually spit upon the graves of those who died for this country, and he has dishonored the tens of thousands of disabled veterans who suffer pain and disability for the rest of their lives. I don't know what's worse - all that, or the fact that he let down those kids. The whole thing is shameful, a disgrace. Thank you for publicizing this case, and I am glad I could do my bit. - S.L.

Here at STORMBRINGER we honor the Few, the Proud, the Marines. Semper Fi, guys. Keep doing what you do - God loves you, and you know why.

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