Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BUSTED . . .

A reader has alerted me that STORMBRINGER is guilty of spreading disinformation.

It seems that the imagery of the F/A 37 Talon featured yesterday . . .

. . . are actually photos taken during filming of movie that came out in '05 : "Stealth"

Unfortunately the plane shown in these pictures is nothing more than a prop.

The only element of this story with any truth in it is that the photos were taken aboard a real US Navy aircraft carrier, although not the USS George Washington as reported yesterday; the movie was filmed aboard its sister ship the USS Abraham Lincoln.

OK guys this is as close as STORMBRINGER is ever going to get to a Page Three girl, and you're allowed to drool over her because Jessica is not a real warrior woman, she just plays one in the movies. If she was a true female warrior, I'd insist on a little respect . . .

. . . Disclaimer: this film came out during the time I was heavily deployed - whatever was going on in the States just blurred out for me - S.L.


  1. I didn't know whether to point it out, or leave it alone for disinformation purposes ... and secretly hoped that the Talon might actually be in development. Oh, well.

  2. As we all know, shit happens.

  3. Happens to us all, your still the best.

  4. I just figured you were having a bit of fun.

  5. thats ok i was gone when it came out too, i just thought it was a real lt that just looked as good as jessica...

  6. Hey, Obama does it multiple times every day... Why not?

    Of course the diff. here is one innocent mistake versus a perpetrated culture of corruption.