Sunday, November 29, 2009


What's going on here?

Every school kid in America should know this: when they play the National Anthem, or you recite the Pledge of Allegiance, you place your right hand over your heart.


A) Is this a reversed, Photoshopped image?

Possibly - if so they did a good job getting the wedding rings and the lapel pin right, though . . .

B) Is this some kind of subliminal, leftist salute to a sinister Marxist agenda for America?

Possibly - I'd give it the same odds that it's a Photoshopped image.

C) Is the Greatest Intellect in the Known Universe really THIS STUPID ? ? ?

More likely than Options A) or B) (above)

You'd think by now, with all the faux pas this guy has pulled in this department (bowing, saluting, not saluting, no hand on heart, etc), the Whitehouse Protocol people would have set him straight . . .

. . . S.L.


  1. Look at the Marine on the right side of the frame. I think that splash of gold color under B.O.s elbow is the Marine's medals and what not. Which should be on his left breast. Suggests the photo is reversed.

  2. Actually, I know tht BO is left handed. She may be as well. Being a lefty (only in use of the hands) it is just natural to raise the left hand. I even do it when I salute the flag if I am not concentrating on the act.

  3. I always go with C when it comes to Zero. He just isn't that bright.

  4. No, the President's coat appears to be buttoned on the correct side, so I don't think it's flipped.

    This is beyond embarrassing. Even Jimmy Carter knew which hand to use.

  5. That is one very slick Photoshop. Newsday has the original, or something very close to the original (showing correct hands over hearts).

    Amazing details. So good it is hard to figure out what the Photoshopper did. The positions of Barack and Michelle are switched, suggesting a simple flipped picture, but it isn't just the lapel pin and the wedding rings that were "fixed." Obama's jacket, for instance, has the buttons on the right, as it should, and the wrinkling from the button pulling appears real, like the photoshopper copied and pasted that whole section from the unflipped picture.

    My bet is that this was done by a professional leftist, maybe one of Axlerod's cyber-Brown-Shirts, trying to create something viral on the right that they can expose as a fraud. A conservative might do an obvious photoshop as a joke, but no conservative would actually try to mislead. That is a leftist thing. Can this be traced backwards? May I ask, Stormbringer, where you got it?

  6. We already have so much to work with. I agree it is a leftist trying to obfuscate the field.

  7. This photo is doctored in my opinion.

    1) Alec directs to what sure looks like the Newsday original. Clothes and background match - although not 100%. Perhaps another photo from a slightly different angle.

    2) I searched for pictures of BHO's wedding ring. Most people including BHO the ring is a tad closer to the knuckle than the hand. The person who inserted the ring shoved it too close to the hand.

    3) The medals on the Marine in the background.

    4) I am left handed and respectfully reject that argument. And yes I wear my watch on my right. But never salute with left.

    5) I checked for where MO parts her hair and found that she goes both ways. About 60% on the right (per photo above) but 40% on the left.

    6) Why does this photo not show their right hands? Remember the "gun toting white extremist" at the town hall meeting who turned out to be black - because we were not shown the whole picture? Cuts both ways.

    7) _Pace_ Alec the only impressive thing really is the buttons. Everything else would be relatively easy to alter yes?

    I still think they are brilliant idiots and that BHO is the worst president in American history. But I do not trust the authenticity of this photo.

  8. Count me under "A". The poses and facial expressions, and even the positioning of the hands and fingers appear to be identical, just mirror-imaged. And the rings look shopped in; the First Klingon's ring is cocked at an unnatural angle on the finger, and BHO's is heavily shadowed in a way that just doesn't look real.

    I'm with Rick: looks like the 2 are from slightly different angles, the reversed pic being from a scosche more to the right of the Newsday pic (the Marine's ribbons are more obscured and the chandelier is more visible next to Odumbo's ear), then flipped. Also, it appears that the reversed pic has been lightened just a tad; the skin tones are a bit lighter than in the Newsday pic.

  9. The original is here - this one has been Photoshopped.!image/2971327105.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/2971327105.JPG

    See also for more:

  10. Rick,

    It took five seconds to google this image an find it was fake.
    Think next time, you just make yourself look like an idiot.!image/2971327105.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/2971327105.JPG

  11. It took five seconds to google this image an find it was fake.
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  12. this is a photoshop image. Look at the solider in the background. Look at were his metals are suppose to be. They are not supposed to be under obamas elbow. they are suppose to be to the right of his elbow. This picture shows the hatred for a man who was voted into to office fair and square. He won both the electoral college vote and the popular vote. Why do you try to make him look bad by altering this photo. This picture was posted by a person who does not know how to express there feelings without being slanderous and misguiding.

  13. The Pledge of Allegiance is not being recited here, nor is the Star Bangled Banner. "U.S. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and White House staffers observe a moment of silence for 9/11 victims on the South Lawn September 11, 2009 in Washington, DC. Today marked the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks." The Obamas put their hands to their hearts during the playing of 'Taps.' Their hands are in the correct position, as this link on etiquette during the playing of Taps will show:

    This link will show you a series of images as they truly are.

    As others have stated, one quick search on the internet will tell you the truth. This is a reversed AND photoshopped image. Look at the photoshopped image, above, and observe Mrs. Obama's wedding ring - a bit blurry. In fact, both wedding bands are rather blurry. If you'll look at the image in the link I've provided, you'll see her diamond loud and clear. On the photoshopped image, Mrs. Obama's hair is parted on the right. It is parted on the left for this occasion. The folds below the knot on the President's tie are reversed from what is seen in the true image. The Marine's medals should be on his left breast, not the right side.

    I think the case has been made here several times that this image is doctored. If you don't like the Obamas, fine. Then don't put Barack back in office. But at least tell the truth.