Sunday, April 3, 2011



KABUL (Reuters) - An angry mob that killed seven foreign UN staff in north Afghanistan ripped out the door of a bunker where several had taken shelter, and slit the throat of one man who survived a bullet, the top UN envoy in the country said on Saturday.

Afghans carry a man who was wounded in an attack on the UN's office in Mazar-i-Sharif, north of Kabul. Mustafa Najafizada/Associated Press

Staffan de Mistura promised that the United Nations would stay in Afghanistan after the vicious assault, the deadliest it has faced in Afghanistan, but would have to reconsider security, particularly guarantees from Afghan forces.

"We are not leaving," de Mistura told a small group of journalists in the Afghan capital, after flying back from Mazar-i-Sharif where he handled the aftermath of the attack.

De Mistura said the violence, in a normally peaceful city, had caught ill-prepared Afghan police by surprise, and the Gurkhas who are the next layer of security for the United Nations could not open fire because they are forbidden to shoot into crowds that contain civilians.

Afghan police were the first line of protection on Friday when a crowd of up to 3,000 demonstrators enraged by the burning of a Koran by a militant fundamentalist Christian in the United States overran the compound, killing seven staff.

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"They were killed when they were running out of the bunker," said Staffan de Mistura, the top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan. Photo: Eric Kanalstein, UNAMA / AP


The victims died after Afghans protesting the burning of Islam's holy book at a U.S. church stormed the compound in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Pastor Terry Jones conducted a ritualistic burning of the Koran on Sunday, March 20th 2011 at his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.

SPECIAL COMMUNIQUE TO: Pastor Terry Jones This is where your book burnings lead to. Freedom-loving people believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Freedom-loving people do not burn books.

I would call you out, sir, to debate this freely in the Arena of Ideas - but you are a Mental Midget, an Intellectual Microbe. Against mindsets like yours, I might as well debate the
Cliffs of Moher. And yet there is a danger posed by your special kind of idiocy, because it is imbeciles like you who start world wars.

I'm a Christian - but I'm not THIS kind of Christian. This is not Christianity as I know it.




  1. Can't agree with you on this. Blaming a pastor in Fla., even a crackpot, for the actions of people on the other side of the planet is ludicrous.

    By this standard, it's the fault of Danish cartoonists for Muj uprisings. Why can't we kill muslums since they publish lies and degrading cartoons about Christians and Jews on a constant basis?

    Christians don't care about burning bibles because the word of God is not a book. Muslums go nuts claiming 'disrespect'. Their 'god' seems to be affected by mortal man. Perhaps he's not a god at all.

    So if it's OK for Muj to kill UN people over a book, then they are either subhuman, and we should treat them as such, or it's OK to kill over religious offenses, and I can kill CAIR officials for their lies and insults.

  2. Harry Reid agrees w/you. That shold be enough to make you change your position:

  3. I really don't agree with you on this. You are seeming to hold a man accountable for murder that he had nothing to do with; "this is where your book burning leads to" implies the murders are HIS fault.

    The Muslim mobs are using bullying tactics; if you do something I don't like (like burn a book) and we murder a few dozen of whoever we want on the other side of the world and blame you. And you jumped on that bandwagon; you actually agree with the mobs who kill and blame someone on the other side of the world for their behavior. Perhaps next angry muslim mobs will rape and murder a few dozen female UN workers somewhere because American women here aren't wearing their burqas, or because you claim the name of Christian and put semi-nude pictures of women on your web site........then what?

  4. Sorry, dude, yer wrong here.

    Jones didn't kill these people.

    If you blame him for these killings then you must accept that the British were correct, and that these people are subhuman and cannot exist without a firm hand (or boot on their necks) to keep them in line. You relegate them to something like a pack of dogs or like cattle.

    Going forward from that, they must be treated differently than other humans.

    Is that correct? You have more experience than I.....

    If so, then we cannot ever exist with them.

  5. Islam murdered those people along with about 18,000 other people since 9/11!

    How is one man responsible for something that has been going on for over 1400 years?

  6. Are cartoons of burning korans ok?

  7. Hm...I see the afghanis still haven't improved their ambulance services. 4-6 guys running helter skelter with a wounded comrade....seems 'bout right for a 6th century country.
    Always wondered what would happen if they came up upon a pole....who would decide which side they would go towards?


  8. As much as I agree with you on, this time you're missing it. Holding another person responsible for your actions is an excuse.

    What this pastor did was prove the point. He burned the book, they responded absolutely as predicted. If some guy burning a book in Florida "causes" you to kill uninvolved strangers on the other side of the planet, the things you believe are morally corrupt.