Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Fifth Annual Milbloggies Schedule Unveiled

Last year we got our good buddy from Israel DoubleTapper nominated and awarded Best Foreign Military Blog - I'd like to hear YOUR suggestions which miltary blog STORMBRINGER should promote - foreign or domestic - or go straight to the Milblog Site and get involved all by yourself! - S.L.

April 12, 2011

It’s that time of year again, for the Milbloggies.

This is the fifth year running and this year, things will work a little bit differently. Rather than run the Milbloggies on the database, the nominations will be handled separately much like the popular Weblog Awards of years past where people left comments saying who they wanted to nominate.

The layout, rules and FAQs, nominations and voting, will all take place over at the Milblog Conference website. The site will have all the information, like if a blog isn’t nominated in the comments, no matter how popular you think it is, it won’t be considered. Of course, spam comments and comments that leave names of blogs that have nothing to do with that category will be deleted.

This year’s awards will be presented by USAA at the 2011 MILblog Conference being held April 29 and 30 in Arlington, VA.

You will not be required to attend the Conference in order to nominate a blog, vote for a blog, or to receive an award if your blog wins in its category.

Voices Heard Media will be handling voting for this year’s Finalists. Finalists in each category will be uploaded to VHM to ensure the best voting platform possible on the web. To learn more about VHM and its Multimedia Contests applications, refer to

How it’s going to work:

Wednesday, April 13. Nominations open.

Sunday, April 17. Nominations Close.

Up to 10 Finalists will be selected in each category.

Friday, April 22. Voting Starts.

Thursday, April 28. Finalist voting closes.

Saturday, April 20. Finalists receiving the most votes in their respective category will be designated as the winner for that category. Milbloggie Winners will be announced at the 2011 Official Milblog Conference hel d in Arlington, VA.

In addition to the 2011 Milbloggie winners, USAA will also present a “Fan Favorite Award”.

Dates, times and rules are subject to change.

Stay tuned to the Milblog Conference website for more news and information on the Milbloggies beginning on the evening of April 13.

"You WILL go to the MIlbloggies site and you WILL nominate your favorite Military Blog, do you hear me Private Joker ? ! ? ! ?"


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