Saturday, June 18, 2011


"Homage," by Kansas sculptor Jim Brothers, was on display in Topeka this past Memorial Day weekend. The eight-foot-tall statue in bronze will be unveiled at a dedication ceremony today - June 18 - at the Wine Street Memorial Park in its permanent home in Culpeper, Virginia.

Brothers, who created most of the monuments for the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford ,Virginia, and whose sculpture of Dwight D. Eisenhower stands in the U.S. Capitol, first imagined “Homage” on a smaller scale years ago. It was not a commission piece, he said, but one “that came from my heart . . . because I had something to say.”

The tiny village of Bedford, Virginia (pop. 3200) lost 19 of its 35 soldier sons on Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944. Four more were dead within weeks - S.L.

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