Friday, October 28, 2011


Military blogger Michael Yon is drawing all sorts of attention to himself this week, and once again, not the good kind.

Michael Yon has opted to piss off just about everyone over the past few years.

What started as a simple, balanced thread to talk about Yon’s views on medevacs and the removal of red crosses, turned into a thread all about Yon by Yon, after Yon became rude, arrogant, and threatening towards members of the forum.

The thread started on, a website that includes more than 1,000 members, made up former and active Green Berets. The site is run by Jeff Hinton, a former Green Beret who is well-known for outing Green Beret impersonators, including the now-former Pipeworks Software chief Robert Daly who I briefly wrote about recently.

In case you were on the fence about Yon, now he’s managed to piss off former and active Green Berets . . .

If you want to get more perspective on the story, jump over to Blackfive

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  1. And a response by retired general Mc Chrystal...

  2. I don't see where Mike is that far off.
    I know that Stan and B-5 and all of you SF guys think you got your Cornflakes pissed on, but clue an old grunt up.
    An hour for a 25 mile pick up, after the troop moved him to a safe LZ?

  3. Mike was wrong about a lot. The problem is that he won't post the response from ISAF in its entirety because it proves that Yon doesn't have all the facts when he goes on his tirades. He was completely wrong about the mission of Pedros, for one. Wrong about where the choppers were flying from. Wrong about availability of Apaches. Wrong about choppers just "sitting" on the ground. He's also wrong about the firepower that Pedros provide and their medical evactuation capabilities.

  4. I read the thread Sean mentions. I don't think the issue was Yon's views, or even what he wrote, about the medevac helicopters Skip. A thread was started to discuss the mission Yon wrote about and whether or not he was right. It was an invitation to discuss that specifically. Yon basically came into the forum, for the very first time mind you, and managed to dismiss and insult the forum and took the thread way off topic. He called at least one commenter a piar and then refused to acknowledge it when t was proven that it was he who either mis-remembered or lied. He even accused some in the community of murder!
    I was Artillery in a leg Infantry Division. My closest contact with the SF community was my brother-in-law. That said, I was appalled at Yon's behavior at ProfessionslSoldiers and his followups at his facebook site. I've been viewing him with a jaded eye for a while now but he's now made an active opponent out of me.
    I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't seen that thread to go over to ProfessionalSoldiers and read it. Yon's behavior, words and followup are frankly sickening. It shows Yon's true colors.