Monday, October 17, 2011

The Shame & Dishonor of the REAL 99%

Who are the real 99%? They are the real 1%, virtually all of whom support collectivism and the tyranny of the Mob and virtually all of whom oppose freedom of the individual and liberty (which intrinsically includes capitalism) .

The Occupy Wall Street protestors characterize themselves as representatives of "the 99%" who are not "rich" are defaming the wealthy crony-capitalists, while George Soros and his type openly supporte the anti-capitalist, Marxists and the ignorant dupes joining with them. The rest of the self-proclaimed 99%-ers are mostly disaffected long-haired maggot-infested hippies seeking more from The Machine, and their parents.

The real "99%" and the real "1%-ers" of the world are hard-working decent people, the productive class, many, if not most, of whom are TEA-Partyers) support the real 1% and that virtually all the so-called spokespersons for "the 99%" are leftists who trash the real 1% at every opportunity and who caricature the the real 1% as jingoistic, militaristic "fascists" and view Bush 43 as"BusHitler."

That's it - I'm disgusted beyond words now. You think this will swing an election for you, Obama? . . . Good Luck with that plan Barry is all I have to say . . . -

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  1. I would seriously love to promote the idea of giving these jerks a one way ticket to anyplace on this planet that they would like to go to!
    Let's promote that type of idea, "you don't like it here, we will ship you're ass off to whatever place you deem better!"


  2. These full of crap folks have neither the drive nor discipline to ever accomplish much more than having a dump.

  3. Great trolling site! Keep up the good work.