Thursday, December 22, 2011


Times Square - 1945:

US Navy Base Little Creek VA - 2011:

Admin Note: The Lamestream Media mistakenly reported this snugglebunny activity: "Gay Couple Gets First Kiss at Navy Homecoming . . . "

Be Advised: These servicemembers are
NOT "Gay" . . . they are "Lesbionic"

IS a difference . . .


Today's BIRD


  1. Will some one please explain to me on how this stuff strengthens our national defense?

  2. Let's the best people for the job do the job without fear of 1) being prosecuted and 2) being blackmailed by a third party because of the threat of being prosecuted. If they want serve and follow the rules like everyone else, why should we discriminate based on who they love? I understand the religious arguments but I think at the core, you want people to uphold certain ideals. We can either ignore the science and evidence regarding homosexuality or accept the facts and figure out how we incorporate them fully into the fold so that they act in like good people should act.

    I think we should say thank you to these two petty officers. Would you have wanted to see the picture at all if a lottery for a ships first kiss had been won by a gay man?

  3. I think the correct term is "Vagitarian".

  4. Liberty for all, including "Vagitarian."

    Everyone has the right to be "wrong," as long as you don't wrong others.

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