Monday, February 25, 2013

AGENDA: Grinding America Down

This is required viewing, and should be disseminated far and wide. The first 3-4 minutes might not grab you, but after that you'll probably amazed how much makes sense.

Set aside 2 hours -
Agenda: Grinding America Down full movie HERE

These days there is a lot of talk of a coming revolution. Personally I do not tolerate such talk - no matter how bad things are they would be ten thousand times worse if the United States dissolved and we descended into civil war.

I have seen such wars and believe me - we do not want this here.

The fact of the matter is that a revolution has been underway in our country for a very long time, and we are very close to losing it. We actually are (or should be) the counter-revolutionaries.

"Once people figure it out, they're going to do what people everywhere do: they're going to start protesting, and they're going to start revolting, and when that happens, that's when the powers that be feel threatened, and they use the power that they have."



  1. Amen. You don't want it here. Once those things start - they are ugly things and a mess and unlike Batman or whatever civil-apocalyptic film you choose which ends in a fade to credits and the guy gets the girl, those things end in (if you're lucky) graveyards and lessons learned if they don't end in mass burials. What troubles me most is that a basic judeo-christian morality would stave off the entire problem.

    Currently we've got people thinking they are entitled to what they haven't earned, looking to make slaves out of those who know how to earn, looking to manage a system when they can't even manage themselves, politicians willing to lie in order to catch people in a lie, and a public that can no longer tell the difference and / or doesn't care.

    Your quote at the end is about the most profound statement I've heard this week since my own brilliant observation a few days ago that those who have no moral values and don't know right or wrong can't be tolerant - they just don't care.

    What to do about it all? Well, I no longer feel safe in my own country anymore and I've seen (like you) how this all ends - and with a media that can't/won't/refuses to tell the truth anymore and a public that can no longer critically think and doesn't even understand its own freedoms and a government that does things like selling citizenship for votes to a people who also don't know the history and how the system was maintained....well....its over.

  2. EXCELLENT movie. Curtis Bowers is a PATRIOT!

  3. Anonymous - I removed your comment.

    Be advised: I took a vow to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic and I take that vow seriously. The national situation - politically, economically and morally is in bad shape but the methods for addressing the issues are contained within our Constitution, completely within the Rule of Law.

    I will not host anyone who calls for violence against the United States Government in any way, shape or form. Yes we have Freedom of Speech in this country but that does not include calling out "Fire" in a crowded theater. If you want to be a violent revolutionary, go find your own soapbox don't use mine.

    I left my old country because I didn't like the way things were going, and the writing on the wall eventually became true. I love this country and every opportunity it has presented to me & my family; I don't want to lose it.

    - S.L.

    1. "Rule of law"? Are you serious?
      But wait...I forgot. It CANT happen here!

  4. Where you going to go when it gets bad here I wonder or will you stand your ground this time....