Friday, May 17, 2013


Do not be fooled by the elaborate ruse of smoke & mirrors being deployed against us - this is a sophisticated deception plan, an attempt to distract from the real scandal that Obama & the HildeBeest fear most of all -S.L.

IRS Intimidation: The Non-News Scandal

When is a scandal not a scandal? When it's a smokescreen:

Democrat press organs grabbed the story of IRS-gate and ran with it like it just broke, but the story has been out there for two years.

Unless you just emerged from a coma, or you live under a rock, everybody knows by now the story: the IRS stalled approval of tax-free status for conservative political groups, but gave speedy approval to left-leaning causes.

It's out of character for the Left-Leaning Lamestream Media to be running so many stories about TEA Party groups being intimidated by the IRS. It doesn't fit the narrative - they practically ignored the Philadelphia "House of Horrors"

We know Team Obama is behind the IRS scandal, on the grounds that when the story broke last week, the first thing they did was insist that this was the actions of a couple of over-zealous, low-level bureaucrats in Cleveland. That story quickly fell apart - it was, in fact, a lie; Team Obama spin doctors lie instinctively. We now know this campaign to suppress Tea Party activists was a high level operation.

Just a thought, however; Lets say I run for, say, sheriff, and I win. Then afterwards it comes out that I used my resources to intimidate my opponents into silence and inactivity. Would I be answerable to charges related to some kind of impropriety? Would this not invalidate the election results?

Don't expect anyone to get burned much less impeached over this mess - least of all the first black President of the United States or the first black Attorney General. While this stinks to high heaven, they did this so carefully that this is probably not illegal.

AP Wiretaps: The Non-Scandal Scandal

Clumsy and heavy handed, but again, probably within the bounds of the law, specifically the Patriot Act. Interesting that the group that howled Holy Hell over the Patriot Act continually throughout the Bush years now finds this security measure useful for their nefarious purposes.

This smarmy little buttplug is a lying sack of sh*t. I'd let it out and tell you how I really feel but this is a family blog - S.L.

The AP wiretaps is a non-story - part of a legitimate investigation into a leak of classified information that exposed a double agent who'd managed to infiltrate Al Qaeda. Observe the faux outrage on the part of the press - I've never seen so much play acting since high school.

Nothing to see here with the AP Wiretap thing. In fact, the irony of it all is that if the Regime had gone directly to them and requested this information, the Quislings at the AP would have willingly handed it over like the good little Statists that they are.

This is Benghazi cover-up Act 2 . . . or are we in Act 3 now?


This is the real scandal; this is absolutely RADIOACTIVE to Obama and Hillary. A lot has been said, and we all know what happened - EXCEPT who exactly came up with the YouTube video story.

Let's do a quick review in the "5-Ws-and-How-Many" format:

Who: Al Qaeda

What: Attacks US Consulate

Where: Benghazi

When: September 11th, 2012

Why: General Purpose Terrorism - Anniversary of 9/11 - Revenge for killing of Osama bin Laden - take your pick.

How Many: Hundreds of terrorists armed with rifles, RPGs and mortars. Four dead Americans.

Immediately, Team Obama began transmitting their Party Line; the assault on the Consulate in Benghazi was a mob of enraged Muslims, fired up over an obscure anti-Mohammed video that had less than 300 hits on it in the entire two years it had been up on YouTube.

It was a lie then and its a lie now. The President of the United States lied to the American people and he lied to the United Nations, repeating the YouTube video story.

Hillary lied to the families of the slain; OVER THEIR DEAD BODIES - literally - at the planeside memorial at Dover Air Base; "We're going after that film maker, we're going to make him pay for this."

Then they trotted out Susan Rice to go on the Sunday talk show circuit; she repeated the YouTube video lie six times in the course of a day. This was actually her audition for Secretary of State; unfortunately for her she got the Gong Show treatment when the lie blew up in her face.

Hillary got the kid glove treatment during her hearing in front of Congress; allowed to step down from Secretary of State in order to prep for her 2016 Presidential run.

So let's go through this thing by the numbers: 1) The enemy we are in a state of war against attacked a US diplomatic outpost, killing an ambassador and three others, and laid siege to another US facility, the Annex. 2) The Obama Administration concocted and propagated a cover story and deliberately refused to identify the culprits as Al Qaeda despite the fact that they knew. 3) The Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked out facilities and killed our people in Benghazi ARE STILL AT LARGE - enjoying the good life in Benghazi or wherever they are now, and 4) THE UNITED STATES IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT.

How is this not "aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war"? How is this not treason - the only crime worse than murder?

Hence, the sudden spate of scandals blasting out in all directions;

ObamaCare Nightmare

Ammunition Grab

Fast & Furious still out there

Gitmo Hunger Strike




and now the latest:

Two Missing Terrorists

Smoke and mirrors, people; all to obscure the 20,000 lb gorilla in the room, called 'Benghazi'. The Clintonistas will do anything to get Hillary elected . . . up to and including putting Obama on the sacrificial altar.

Nobody died during Watergate, Mrs. Clinton.



  1. IIRC Everytime the "Hildebeast" has been sworn to give testemony she has had a blinding lack of recall. In regards to the 1993 Travelgate, and HilaryCare scandals she had no recollection of who hired the asshat who gathered info on enemies, and couldn't recall the jist of her closed door meetings about instituting socialized madicine. When supeanoed about "Rose Law Firm Billing Records" she couldn't recall any data, and now as Sec. Of State, she has brain damage, and isn't qualified to answer any questions, but in 2016 we are supposed to believe that she is mentally competent to run for president.
    I call bullshit, and still gag when I remember people calling her the "Smartest Woman in America". I am starting to believe that the US is getting the goverment we deserve.

  2. It must be tough to be an American working overseas these days, knowing that the whitehouse, pentagon, state dept. etc. will not come to your rescue, even if you work for them. As a president do you think she will care about you? your problems? come to help? What difference will you make to her? Will she even care about this country? Nope, just herself. Blick

  3. Damn Stormy.....I'm proud to say that you and I are on the same wavelength. I know I'm not very smart, being an old white guy, but I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS ADMINISTRATION SAYS. (There said it; feel so much better.) I had a sneaking suspicion that obumler was scouring his minions to see who would take the fall for Bengahzi AND all of this IRS crap is just a screen.
    Masterful stroke of genius politicking.


  4. All three are scandals, and the truth will come out in all three. Lost in this will be Fast and Furious.

    With luck all three stories will drag on right into the 2014 mid terms.