Thursday, May 23, 2013


FBI agent shoots, kills Orlando man questioned in Boston bombing probe

A Chechen immigrant who was being questioned in Orlando, Fla. about his ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was shot to death early Wednesday after he lunged at an FBI agent with a knife, officials said.

The man shot dead by an FBI agent in Orlando, Florida early today was "about to sign a statement" admitting to a role, along with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in an unsolved triple murder in Massachusetts in 2011, two people with direct knowledge of the case told ABC News.

Ibragim Todashev "just went crazy," and pulled a knife during his interview with the FBI, said state and federal law enforcement officials briefed on the latest strange twist in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing.

One official said an FBI agent was stabbed several times, although his injuries were described by the FBI as "non-life threatening."

London: 'You and your children will be next' Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher and behead a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror

Clutching a bloodied meat cleaver, the man suspected of executing a soldier on a crowded London street declared: 'you and your kids will be next'.

In a chilling rant captured on camera, the knife-wielding man declared: 'The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers.'

The man who launched the terrifying diatribe in Woolwich, south-east London, is believed to be Michael Adebolajo, identified on Twitter and web forums as one of the two people arrested.

'We want to start a war in London tonight'

The suspect believed to be Michael Adebolajo, brandishing a weapon, points at the dead soldier with his blood-covered hand as he launches a terrifying rant.

Stockholm, Sweden Riots: Unrest, Violence Continues into Fourth Night

A Husby school and a cultural centre were set alight while bins burned across other suburbs. A school was set on fire in Skaerholmen and a police station and buildings in central Jakobsberg were vandalised. The average age of people arrested on Tuesday was about 20, police said. Unemployment is higher among immigrants in Stockholm than residents born in Sweden.

Among immigrants from countries outside the European Union, the percentage of people out of work or in job programs was 16.5 per cent in 2011, compared with 5.7 per cent for ethnic Swedes, according to Statistics Sweden. Last year, 23 per cent of municipal Stockholm’s 881,235 inhabitants came from outside Sweden, the same percentage as in Gothenburg.

Take a wild guess at the demographics of the immigrants doing the rioting in Sweden. Just a little over a month since the Boston bombing; it's going to be a long, hot summer, people.



  1. Hell of a time to have an ammo sortage, i'n't it?

  2. Family and freinds used to a little creeped out by my ammo stash, now no one thinks its crazy to have over 6K rounds of assorted ammo on hand.
    I only hope the "Fudds" have more than 1 box of ammo left over from hunting season, or it may be a verry long hot summer.

  3. All them "Fudds" you just lumped into a visual of a stupid hunter tromping around in the woods chasing rabbits wearing a cap with ear flaps have more guns and ammo than you can imagine. I was fortunate enough to have had parents who played Country Boy Can Survive at least once a day on the barn radio while I worked a beeve and hog. I live back in the woods you see, the woman, and the kids, and the dogs and me. You need not worry about us country boys.

  4. I remember not so long ago when you had a go at me for my statement that the
    "Only good Muslim is a Dead Muslim" if they are devout muslims this is still my feeling from there Teachings (Kill the Unbelivers wherever you find them) the Koran 2:19

    1. Ajd - your comment may be a tad too extreme (some might take it as a 'mandate' for summary executions for example) BUT has anyone heard any condemnation for this horrific act by ANY moslem (you know - all them peaceful and/or moderate ones) much less from any who are representative of a mosque or some such (like maybe cair?)
      I don't like being painted with a broad brush anymore than the next guy but until there is a demonstrated effort to condemn such evil acts - or better yet a concerted effort to shun these types of maniacs, tacit approval is being given for them.

      OTB MCPO sends.................

  5. Have you read the Koran i have it is full of bits like that i studied most major religions at all my schools all run with a lot of church types and when i left i rejected all of them as man made fairy tales and still do and im now 64yrs old.

  6. If you think your culture/religion is the best, what point is there to assimilate? Why lower your self to a lesser status? This is how the muslims view western society. To destroy something of lesser value is no loss. The leaders of western countries that are puzzled that muslims reject a lesser culture, are not paying attention. Blick