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This is about an SF man lying, stealing, bringing shame on the Regiment . . . S.L.

This chest-thumping egomaniac is professional fraudster Joe Teti

Discovery Channel reality show star trades fire over combat experience

A communique came over the Top Secret Special Forces unauthorized backchannel frequency:

Tidings, SF Brothers.

I hope this note finds you well. This is a long one and I asked permission to make a post about it first. I think this fits more over on the poser page than this brotherhood page, but I will post here, too.

This is about an SF man lying, stealing, bringing shame on the Regiment and not least of which is the indirect death of a real SF brother in my opinion.

I apologize in advance for stirring this storm. I tried to walk away from this fight once I had done all I could, but it seems The Army Times has brought it back to my door.

So, now I present it to the SF Community, to decide what to do with a man whom, in my opinion, has stolen valor from our real heroes and one result of which has cost the life of another true SF warrior and hero.

In short, Joe Teti has embellished his background to an incredulous level. From that false background, the network made a show named after his business, LONE OPERATOR. Immediately upon filming that show, three men died, one of whom was my former teammate. He was Ranger, SF and CAG Ops Sgt as well as husband and father of 5 kids.

If Teti had not lied about his background, they would not have given him that show based on all his experience and the man might still be alive.

Teti claimed his background was an Marine Combat Veteran, Special Forces Combat Veteram, 5 year CIA Combat Veteran and 20 year Veteran.

None of these are true.

Every word I say here is proven and we have the proof. I will share links and documents that are in a form I can post. If more is needed, it can be provided to the right folks.

Joe Teti was a qualified Recon Marine Corporal in the Reserves. He was a qualified Special Forces 18B Sergeant in the Guard. He did do 2 years as a contractor to the OGA 2004-2006. All of these are fine things and I take nothing from him for it.

HOWEVER, he has chosen to LIE about his own background - repeatedly.

He has lied about his military background for monetary gain. This makes him appear to be a Stolen Valor Offender.

I will post the link about the most current law for you to read and the most current Stolen Valor Violation from two months ago where he CLAIMED to be a UNIFORMED MILITARY COMBAT VETERAN to a Christian Lecture Circuit for direct financial profit and payment.

It is important to note that these lies started when he first tried to get on TV and these have been morphed and changed by him as each one got called out.

Here are the Stolen Valor Lies of Joe Teti for you to judge:

1) Stolen Valor from SF

Joe Teti claimed to be an SF COMBAT VET, which he is not. He claimed 2 Haiti tours (which were not combat tours). He also used his VFW card to "prove" to civilians he was an SF Combat Vet. (Stolen Valor from VFW?)

He also claimed he was an SFC/E-7, when the actual fact is that he was just promoted to SSG/E-6 when he got out. He has also claimed that he graduated CAG OTC - he actually only made it 3 days. He also claimed SFARTEAC graduate and SF Scuba school, truth is he went to Navy Dive School.

He also told "This Ain't Hell" Stolen Valor site that he was out in 1998 and that he was already in the "pipeline' to contract at 9/11. NOT TRUE.

He was in my National Guard Special Forces unit, 19th SFGA in California. I was his Composite Team Commander on a JCET to Thailand in Jan/Feb 2001 where we met. He was in our unit until 25 DEC 2001. He took 45 days of tax payers dollars to train that year. He took a promotion to SSG in June.


This was AFTER 9/11. STOP LOSS was already in effect for Active duty and was coming to NG SF on 27 DECEMBER 2001 . . . We were mobilizing. I was already mobilized. Many old SF'ers were coming back into service. Exceptions to policy were being made everywhere. The entire country knew we were attacked the worst since Pearl Harbor, and that SF was the tool needed for the task at hand. This man having taken all that Recon & Special Forces training from the American people, CHOSE TO GET OUT and not answer the call to duty.

Yes, it was his ETS and he got an Honorable discharge; but the computer systems did not know the nation was at war, Teti did. It is my opinion that he is pathological, but I believe alot of his lies have been to cover his shame for abandoning his post in war time.

He later owned that he was in but that he got out to go straight to the OGA. NOT TRUE.

He tried to stay out of the war and profit off the war by teaching Las Vegas cops about terrorists. That is, unless the two newspaper articles interviewing him about his business are lying. (See the article links also provided.)

He then went to work in Israel for Dyncorp on a PSD - which he later lied about when he was there and claimed it as part of the GWOT.
It was not.

He then went to work for Custer Battles and then Triple Canopy. It's believed he had to leave TC for claiming CAG to a real CAG SGM.
He had put CAG OTC on his resume, so that makes sense. But he recently posted that he removed SHRAPNEL from his leg and implied that he had earned a PURPLE HEART. He cut his knee in the back of a truck, in a training accident on base - no enemy contact.

2) Stolen Valor from Recon

Teti claimed he was a combat Marine in Lebanon. His records show his only overseas deployment was Hawaii.

3) Stolen Valor from OGA

He claimed on his resume 5 years as OGA. It was only 2, and terminated with cause. He was a Contractor, not a federal employee. He stretched this time line to cover all the other employment periods.

4) Stolen Valor from Retirees

He claimed on his own Twitter page that he was a 20 year Special Operations Forces Veteran, implying that he was retired and therefore, legitimate. His records reflect 15 years by the best count. Having worked hard to EARN my retirement, it is clear that he sought to mislead the public to validate his weak military background.

5) Stolen Valor from Combat Veterans

I am not splitting hairs over the terms Combat or Veteran. He served, that makes him a Vet. He saw Combat, that gives him combat experience.

But we can all agree, there is a difference between a contractor and a soldier.

I have done both as many of you have, and we do not fuse the two for honor and principle. He has done so to cover the shame of abandoning his country at her darkest hour. To make folks think he saw combat while serving as Recon and SF so that he can benefit monetarily from the support that Americans seek to give their True SOF Warriors.

That is a list of proven Stolen Valor Offenses. These violation are made worse by the multitude of lies he continues to make. Most recently, in this Army times article, he starts off by claiming to be a role model of Special Forces, when he is anything but.

S.L.: The following comment refers to the closed Facebook SF Brotherhood page.

There are other posts from SF Operators where he stole Night Vision Goggles, pulled GUNS on TEAM SERGEANTS or where he wrote bad checks all over town and to his SF Buddy and Roommate. These are not the actions of an SF Role Model.

Two days after the death of our SF Brother making the show for Teti, Teti posted a petition to keep the show going and at the funeral, he offered money for folks to sign his petition.

I started an official IRS Trust fund bank account with the widow's permission and he posted that is was a scam and actually called SF brothers to get their money back?

No gentlemen, these are not the actions of an SF Role Model.

The story is far deeper than this and it seems to me he has a sickness. But the threats, hostilities and intimidation against me and my family is a private matter.

And yes, Gents, I am a retired SF Officer, 18A.

I was an SFC 18D, 18E, 18F with pay for 3 languages. I did every deployment I could. I was mobilized for Desert Storm and I answered the call at 9/11. I retired in 2011 from Special Forces Command.

And yes, I went to all the proper authorities first. I have a letter to Teti 2 years ago, telling him that I knew a lot of bad things about him and that I NEVER wanted this to go public for our country and community. The Special Forces Association, the Green Beret Foundation, the FBI, the CIA, Special Forces Command, The Network and even Facebook, were not able to take actions as everything was either too grey or not their area.

But he has not ceased to harass and attack me at every chance and he has forced me to take this public as the only way to protect my family. He was our security guard for our son and nanny in our home. We have since relocated for fear of physical harm and retaliation. Such is our estimation of his character and others have reinforced that correct assessment.

That said, it seems to fall on my shoulders as the one who knows the truth and I lay it at the feet of the community to decide the course of action on the matter. So far, the silence of the community has been an indirect support of his character. My opinion is that he will sooner or later give SF a black eye which will remain unless we take an action to remove him from our ranks and roles.

I am not one to make the suggestion of stripping his tab lightly. He passed the Q-Course and got an honorable discharge.

But he did quit his post at war time. I see that as a dereliction of duty to his community and country. He did not seek to serve anywhere else or anyone other than himself.

He had no family or work reasons to desert his brethren. He has made many false claims, stated many lies and one indirect result of that is the loss of life of a real Special Forces brother.

These are no small matters. It seems to me that he has been proven to be a liar. And it seems to me that he has been proven to be a Stolen Valor offender.

Will we police our own ranks? Or will we leave it to civilians to finally do something when he ultimately brings enough shame on the Regiment?

Again, I apologize for the tome, no easy way to state these crazy facts. I thank you for your time and consideration and wish each of you, all the best.

Mykel Hawke sends

ARMY TIMES Discovery Channel Reality Show Star Trades Fire Over Combat Experience




This is Teti plainly, directly AND PUBLICLY CLAIMING to be a UNIFORMED MILITARY COMBAT VETERAN. He makes this false claim directly for monetary gain and profit, lying on a Christian Lecture circuit no less.

Here is the STOLEN VALOR law.

And HERE is the crime.

Excerpt: Joe Teti

Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operative in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit.

He is a combat veteran of Operation Uphold Democracy and Operation Maintain Democracy in Haiti, as well as OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and / or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible.

Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining
the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He participated in numerous highly classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units) while fighting in the Global War on Terrorism.

He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

Joseph is the co-star of Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel.


NOTE: The link is now dead as the event is over but this just happened recently. Proof that he is lying and stealing valor for pay even now and like will again.

Gents, there is not this much smoke without a fire. It falls on the community to decide the outcome of this. The facts are in all the links. And many other things can be proven as well as ever word said here.

An SF man is dead and another survival expert civilian has been fired for safety disputes and this 'SF' guy.

What more will need to come to pass before we are no longer passive?

I am only a victim and the messenger. I rest my case and I wish you all well.

Mykel Hawke sends

There is confusion within the Temple and the workers are not at their labors . . .



  1. We have all buried friends who lived and died by the Warrior Code. The reason I go after the phony baloneys is out of respect to the heroes I had the honor to serve beside . . . better men than me by a long shot . . .

  2. Without his exagerations he was ahead of the other 99% of Americans. Too bad that was not enough that he had to embelish.

  3. Not really sure what think here SL. I did some googling and found that Mykel Hawke and Joe Teti were business partners before they had a falling out. So is this really about stolen valor or Hawke attempt to get back at Teti? My point is Hawke spoke well of Teti until the falling out. Please look into this independent of what Hawke's posted. With this said Joe Teti's own bio does claim he is a combat veteran of OEF and OIF which might be a little difficult with his separation date. Also the claim that his link is now dead is in fact a false claim by Hawkel. I found the link via google and it works and has the same info as posted by Hawke who claims the link is dead thus reinforcing his claim against Teti. I think there in more to this than Hawke is telling!!!

  4. Hawke said:

    But he did quit his post at war time. I see that as a dereliction of duty to his community and country. He did not seek to serve anywhere else or anyone other than himself.

    Fact: Teti left the military in May 2000 almost a year and half prior to 9/11. We were not at war yet! Again I ask what is Hawkes underlying motive here. It appears he is willing to lie himself to further his own agenda.

    I have no doubt by Teti stating the following was intended to mislead people to believe he saw combat as a member of the military.

    He is a combat veteran of Operation Uphold Democracy and Operation Maintain Democracy in Haiti, as well as OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan.

    The question should be asked can you be a combat veteran without being in the military. I think the answer is yes. Did contractors see combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, they sure did. I do not think any of the Marines who were trapped on the roof top in Najaf with Travis Haley and the other Blackwater operators would dispute that the contractors were not engaged in combat along side of them. Blackwater little bird were the ones running ammo resupply missions to the guys on the roof top not the military. I make this point because some of the SF guys on the web speaking out on this topic are saying Teti can not be a combat veteran because he was not in the military at the time he was in Iraq and Afghanistan. So in your opinion SL who can be classified as a combat veteran?

    1. 3rd Man. You have your facts wrong my friend. That source that says he was out in MAY 2000 is not correct. He was in Thailand with me and 3 19th SFGA CA NG teams in JAN/FEB 2001. I have the orders to prove it. Next, there is a computer print out from the CA NG that shows he was in until 25 DEC 2001. So, first and foremost. check your source of info. Especially if you are going to say I a lying- tread very lightly there, I will give grace once for fair mistakes. I have pictures of him in Thailand with us in 2001 and an entire chain of command who will say the same. HERE IS YOUR REAL FACT CHECK- ASK JOE TETI TO SHOW THE PUBLIC HIS NGB-22 AND DD-214. The FOIA will not release those. Only he can do so or give signed permission for a 3rd party unless he is deceased and an immediate family member requests it. So, what you have is a posted set of orders that he was on the same mission in Thailand in 2001 and you have an official state of California Annual Personnel Duty Performance print out. That's 2 official documents proving he was in. As well as 3 SF ODA's and an SF CO Chain of Command. I defy you, him or anyone to say we are all lying. So, check your fire and facts and come back correct, please. Thank you. FACT-JOE TETI WAS IN 19TH SPECIAL FORCES CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD AT 9/11 AND WE WERE MOBILIZING AND HE CHOSE TO GET OUT INSTEAD OF GOING TO WAR. HE HAD NEVER BEEN TO WAR IN UNIFORM UNTIL THAT POINT AND HE LIED ABOUT BEING OUT DUING 9/11, THEN LIED THAT HE GOT OUT TO GO STRAIGHT TO OGA, THEN LIED ABOUT HOW LONG HE WAS IN OGA. THOSE ARE ALL FACTS. So, my friend, who exactly are you and why are you so bent on proving that he is not lying, when ALL THE FACTS show he was, has been and is now.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 3rdman: Hawke told me that Teti ETS'd out of the Nat'l Guard on 25 December 2001; that the Regular Army had already stop-lossed and the writing was on the wall that the Nat'l Guard was going to stop-loss but they could not hold him back from ETS-ing. Mykal Hawke states that the stop-loss came into effect for the Guard on 27 December 2001, hence his claim that Teti left his post.

    Regarding Teti's combat status: yes he was in Iraq and Afghanistan during the correct time frames. What he did while he was there I do not know so he may or may not be considered a combat veteran in the broadest scope of the definition - that is, carrying a weapon in a combat zone. Even though they returned fire upon occasion, the BW charter was security, not offensive operations. Yes, I know that line blurred for awhile there.

    What IS certain is that Teti is not a "Special Forces combat veteran," or a "military combat veteran" as he has apparently claimed - apparently for financial gain. I am not a lawyer but to me this is the definition of "Stolen Valor" and it is criminal and it is wrong.

    A few phone calls down to Bragg and Key West will determine whether his other claims - SFARTAEC, SERE and SFUWO - are or are not legit.

    1. He insisted the government unit in which he served was so secret that he was barred from even discussing it. “Don’t even guess about it because that will get you in big trouble. Don’t even take liberties at guessing because you’re actually crossing a legal line right there. ... I am not at liberty to discuss — ethically, legally, morally — who I worked for,” he said. CAN I DROP THE FLAG ON THIS?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I used the link above that was provided by Hawke himself and it showed a separation date of May 01, 2000 from the NG from the National Personnel Record Center dated April 23, 2013. That is why I am questioning Hawkes motive. Like I said earlier they were business partners at one point and he did not seem to have a problem with Teti's Bio until they split. I just think you might be getting dragged into a pissing match between these two.

  9. 3rd Man. I was not a business partner with Teti. I was an SF Brother helping and SF Brother. He worked FOR ME. I gave him jobs, behind camera, hooked him up on camera and brought him to an SF movie I had worked on for 10 yrs. JOE got greedy and wanted to cut me out and went right to my friend and producer saying he wanted all for himself. But man, this is all old hat and I have said it many times. I cut away from Joe. I let him out of the contract, I GAVE HIM AND THE PRODUCER MY BLESSINGS TO WORK TOGETHER. What part of that makes me some guy bent about business. He did wrong but I told him I never wanted to fight an SF brother over money and I walked. PERIOD. THEN JOE STARTED TRYING TO TAKE EVERY CONTRACT AND JOB I HAD. Ok, that was crappy and I had to let folks know we were not friends any more. I HAVE THE EMAIL FROM TOPS KNIVES SAYING THEY WOULD NOT HAVE MADE A KNIFE FOR TETI EXCEPT THEY THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. What does that say about him? And me? Man, if you think I am the kind of guy to make this kind of fuss over that, you sorely miss your mark.

    My complaints about business are nothing other than character info. Even my complaints that Teti lied about being an SF Combat Vet, Recon Combat Vet, 5 yr OGA Combat Vet and 20 yr Vet, ALL BEING LIES, and all being the grounds for which the network gave him a show, named after his own business, LONE OPERATOR, and on that show 3 men died. ONE OF THE MEN WHOM DIED ONE THAT SHOW WAS MY FRIEND AND TEAM MATE FOR YEARS IN THE EARLY 90'S AND ONLY MET TETI IN 2008 ON A SHOW WORKING FOR ME. Besides, even that sadness, that is not what this is about.

    Besides, the fact that Teti has threatened me personally, that my family has been threatened, harassed and attacked and that others have reported things about him burning down buildings, planting bombs, pulling guns on team sergeants and stealing NVGs, upper receives and more.... no, 3RD MAN, despite all that, it is all only character info.

    Only a few weeks ago Teti lied to Christians for PAY claiming, not one but two, count them, (2) UNIFORMED COMBAT CAMPAIGNS. Those were not combat campaigns. He never saw combat in uniform. But he was claiming it only recently and doing it for pay, publicly. That makes it a violation of stolen valor laws and makes him a stolen valor offender.

    Add to that his lies about CAG, SFC, SF SCUBA, and many other things, it all comes down to a simple fact that he has a track record of lying. He used lies to get on the show, the show gives him pay, therefore, again, it is a stolen valor offense.

    No one took away that he graduated Recon. He chose to lie and claim he was a Combat Marine in Lebanon.

    No one took away that he graduated SF school.
    He chose to abandon us at 9/11 (AND HE WAS IN)
    AND he chose to LIE and claim he was an SF COMBAT VET.
    He chose to lie at first denying he was in SF at 9/11 and
    then he chose to lie and say he got out to go OGA
    (It took him 3 yrs to go to OGA, summer of 2004)
    Then he chose to lie about how long he was in OGA.
    He said 5 yrs when it was only 2, 2004-2006.
    His 2 yr contract was not renewed, with cause.

    So, Come again about what you think my motives are?
    We have a clear cut case of a man lying over and over,
    doing it for pay and making combat claims he never had.
    Sorry, but 2 yrs of OGA contract time does not give him permission
    to lie and do whatever he wants. If you can't see that, then there is nothing more to be said.

  10. Read my comments. This guy has made three big leaps of logic and fact:

    1- just cause i posted a link, doesn't mean i had anything to do with the info

    that is FOIA info that they asked all on their own and i never even heard of them before that, and i have posted many times, that FOIA is 2-1 info, not DD-214, or NGB-22

    that said, he has those and he hides them. mine are posted, that he hides for exactly that reason, for boneheads like this 3rd man to DEDUCE that he was out. THAT IS WHAT the interviewer, John, from that page had AND HE ASKED TETI POINT BLANK WHY HE DIDN'T GO BACK IN AND TETI SAID HE WAS "IN THE PIPELINE" TO BE A CONTRACTOR. Flat lies.
    (1) He was not out, he was in and he later admits it.
    (2) he didn't go OGA until 2004.
    Two newspapers interview Teti in OCT 18 & 19, 2001,
    LA Times and Las Vegas Sun.
    Teti was starting a business in vegas to teach cops about bad guys.

    2) 3rd man deduces that because teti worked on some tv contracts for me that we were business partners?
    i reckon that makes every walmart employee a board member?

    3) 3rd man deduces that despite all the lies and other info, this is just a beef based off that deduction that we were partners an the deduction that the FOIA link says he got out in 2000, that is a triple deduction to surmise I am lying?
    Wow. that is alot of created fictions to reach where there is no evidence in the face of glaring proof that he has lied over and over. I guess he accidentally promoted himself to SFC and accidentally added 5 yrs of service and accidentally added 3 yrs of OGA time and accidentally added combat marine time and accidentally said he was an SF combat vet of 2 campaigns when he spoke to those Christians and took their money. Yeah, who is reaching here? hmmm.

    the 3rd man speaks foolishness, Like some others, it is so complex, they can't get their head around it and instead, find it easier to attack the messenger rather than dig in to the facts.

    And he changes his story daily. they can not fathom what a pathological liar is until they come across one personally. It is a sickness beyond measure and without bounds and it only destroys. There is no good in it and even the good folks who try to continue to do good, keep getting hurt by it over and over by fools like this man, 3rd person, who for their own lack of either ability to grasp or thoroughness to read, prefer to deride the victim. Way to go hero, way to go
    (This I wrote for a friend, I have no more words for 3rd man. He has shown his measure.)

  11. Hawke,

    I think you for your responses. I read them both fully. I do not know either one of you guys so I am not here to defend Teti or you for that matter. If the guy is giving out false info than he should be exposed. While I have not been in the military I have been a cop for 26 years and I go where the fact lead me. What I do know is there is always two side to every story, the questions is weather the two sides are telling the truth or not. I personally would love to see Teti's DD-214, but I doubt that would be forth coming if the fact you have stated are correct.

    While you may have not been "business partner" you were involved in some business ventures together, that went sour for you because of something you stated Teti's was doing. From a timeline point, did you know Teti was lying about his background and committed these alleged thefts prior to you bring him on some of your projects? If you did why did you bring him on board?

    Furthermore, You question my using your source information to question some of your comments? When challenged you dismiss it as someone else but yet you reference it to support your objective in the beginning. Than you attack me for asking the hard questions and holding your feet to the fire. So your saying it is ok for you to use misinformation to make your point and that is ok because the ends justifies the means because Teti is lying.

    While you claim I speak foolishness I read your statements as I would read one from any suspect or victim. I am not attacking you as the messenger but only asking questions to fill in the hole as I would during an investigation. I am also train to analyze statements and that is what I did as well. What you do not appear to understand is not so much what you said in your statement but how you said it. I am attempting to be objective and again I think you for your direct response.

    Just FYI I do understand your attacks on me as it is not uncommon to become defensive when questioned about ones involvement in an incident.

    In the end I hope this works out for you and your family, but I would be careful of anything that Teti could come after you as slander in civil court. Stick to the facts and limit personal opinions. You might or might not prevail in court, but at what financial cost to you and your family.

    Thanks SL for allowing this discussion.

    1. howdy, i answered this once, but it was lost i reckon. i have double dawg dared him and the network to come after me so i can properly spank them in court. truth is a powerful defense and proof is hard to beat.

    2. 3rdman, for a cop of 26 yrs you sure can screw up information that’s written in plain and simple English. I’m not military but I did work in Hawaii along side military medical personnel. And got to know some SF members very well. To see first hand how hard they work ( mentally and physically) the sacrifices they endure was heart wrenching. To see someone take the valor bestowed on these individuals and use it for monetary gain is by far the biggest betrayal a military soldier could do to his brethren in arms.
      I think 3rdman it would have been better for you if you just push yourself away from your key board and read a book about Stolen Valor. That way when you were able to comprehend the evidence you would have been able to articulate a better response.
      Hawke thank you for your service.

  12. Sorry had to leave and take family out for mother's day.

    I asked what your motivation was and you did answer the question while not directly. I am sorry for not responding to it. It is clear your motivation revolves around this guy screwing you on some jobs, and has made threats against your family. I respect the fact that you are not letting the guy get away with it. If this guy has lied about his bio than to bad for him and it is fair game. You do not mess with a man's family or his means to take care of them. This is the last I will speak of it!

    1. answered this once, too, my machine musta had a hiccup. anyway, what i said basically was i gave him the same trust i give any SF guy the same as you would give any cop on the force you got teamed up with. until that cop gave you reason, would you go check his records before you'd ride with him? nope. same here. but if he started doing wrong, and then you reported it through all channels and got no where then went public to protect your family, how would you feel if folks said you must have some motive? sounds like a jaded cop who asks a girl what she did to provoke a rape. sometimes our motives are just to tell the truth and not let bad people hurt more good people, ya' know? enough said.

  13. I personally believe Capt Hawke, he and I exchanged an e-mail or two in the past and he was very polite and answered my probably idiotic questions promptly. That said, if TSO, John, Jonn and the rest at TAH have said they vetted Mr. Teti they did. And what they have found just reinforces what Capt. Hawke has stated.

    Mr. Teti doth protest too much I think. As do his partisans.

  14. Great post and story Mykel. Thanks for lining all this out. He is also an embarrassment to my beloved RECON community as well.
    Semper Fidelis,
    Rob Prevost

  15. 3rd man is a moron .no service and hes talkin up a storm!

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