Saturday, May 24, 2014


Memorial Day Weekend observed at Firebase TigerLily by proper display of Old Glory and a shotgun blast to remind the neighbors the crazy old Green Beret is still in the grid square . . . S.L.

Respect & Honor

To the heroes I served with who sacrificed their lives in defense of this great nation, and to all our heroes who gave all of their tomorrows, that we might have our todays . . .

Alex Checks In:

For those of you who've served in the military - THANK YOU for your service, this Memorial Day weekend - mucho sunshine - alex

Thank YOU Alex for everything you do supporting Veterans and helping to honor the Fallen.

Remember Them, folks, as we go about our cookouts and beach outings this Memorial Day Weekend . . .



  1. A blessed Memorial Day to all.

  2. Total respect to my American brothers who have fought the good fight.

  3. I'm in Springfield Illinois, wandering the footpath of Lincoln. Visited his tomb today. Also visited the beautiful monuments they've erected for the numerous wars and the fallen from those wars. Still choked up from that experience.


  4. Thank you and all the Vets for their service.

  5. I agree with you. Veterans are some of the most important public servants our country can ever have. They should be regaled accordingly and provided with the help and assistance that befit them, when they get back into our shores. At the very least, we should cut them some slack, by sparing them of the inconveniences and perturberances through benefits and stuff. Thanks for sharing that!

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils, Attorneys At Law, L.C.