Sunday, July 13, 2014


Stopped in MO, Saline County, told the Officer he was trying to get to Ft. Bragg so he could board a Blackhawk to be deployed.

Schwartz, Joseph M. of 705 Front St, Apt 1, Georgetown, SC 29440

That looks like a lot of weed ... definitely more than a possession rap this guy is going down for trafficking. I hope the judge considers his disgraceful behavior - disrespect to the uniform - and sentences him for a long stay in the Big House.

I have been on those super-secret Blackhawks with a range of half way around the world . . . THOSE Blackhawks are painted with SUPER HIGH SPEED paint! Top Secret! Only for the Elite . . .



  1. I was up in Colorado last month with some younger family guys and when we pulled up to the nice gun range I parked beside a pickup truck with Navy Seal stickers plastered on the back. My son-in-law made a comment that no Seal he ever heard of would put multiple stickers on his truck.

    When we went on the rifle range we saw the driver of the truck decked out in full G.I. Joe Desert camo from top to bottom with some Velcro gun mfg.. patches and thank goodness no military badges or rank.

    He had a lot of expensive nifty hardware but his gun range manners were a bit lacking when we went cold and he wanted to continue to dick around with the sights on his tricked out AR. We had to remind him that we step back and let the down range guys have time to reset their targets before we touch our guns.

    I would bet a box of donuts to a cup of Starbucks coffee that G.I. Joe never spent a day in any branch of the service on a military gun range but he would have looked great at a Halloween party.