Sunday, February 15, 2015

FROZEN . . . MINUS . . .

New London Township PA: Temp = 4 degrees F; Winds = 25 knots gusting to 50 . . . S.L.

It started last night when we were out to dinner with friends, driving home was a challenge: whiteout conditions doing 25 mph down the highway, only casualty we observed was an incident on the road towards our house; had to execute a 3-point turn to get out of there and double around the back roads to get home. The couple we went out with stayed at our place last night; emergency conditions . . .

The view looking out the walk-out from the Jungle Room - I'll stay down here all day, listen to Classic Rock, build a fire, write, think Important Thoughts and do Battle with the Iron . . .

. . . not any better this morning but at least its blue sky and the snow has stopped falling but the winds are still honking and it is FREEZING COLD. Our guests had to warm up their car and come back in for another cup of coffee while the ice melted off their windshield . . . As we were moving snow off his car in the icy blast I told my friends, "In Special Forces we have a saying: I LOVE HOW MUCH THIS SH*T SUCKS ! ! !"

Bring it on Thor & Odin . . . "That Which Does Not Kill Us Only Serves to Make Us Stronger!!!"



  1. Dude, It sucks like that 6+ days a week here from Dec 15 thru Mar 15. And I don't live where it gets bad....

  2. Up here in northern Maine we go to your area if we want a break from the weather! My husband's beard is laced with ice every morning and he has to stand by the wood stove before I will kiss him!

  3. A bootmaker in TexasFebruary 18, 2015 at 4:28 AM

    The main reason i stay here in Texas is cause ive never thought it normal to Want to live where it snows this much on a regular basis.
    The wife is from just outside of pittsburgh and in the spring, (the only time ill visit )its pretty country.
    On a dare, I once did the Skyline drive/Blue Ridge Pkwy from the S etrance all the way up to the N entrance on the back of a hard-tailed Harley when we went to visit. was a week or two getting over that vacation.
    the wife doesnt like to ride with me much after that.