Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The Army is stepping up recruiting for Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Special Operations Aviation

Spec Ops Needs 5,000 Soldiers

Consider: Special Forces, as it is known today, began in 1952. In that 63 years, the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School ("The Schoolhouse") averages about 400 graduates per year, give or take a few. In the early years, the 1950's and 60's, it was much less. That puts TOTAL Special Forces trained at around 25,000 . . . over the course of 60+ years!!!

Big Army now says it wants to add 3000 SF guys in the next couple of years. There is simply no way this is going to happen without lowering the standards. Quantity over Quality is worthless. The Special Forces Qualification Course is 67 weeks long, except for Special Forces medics, who get 103 weeks of training. There is a reason our training takes as long as it does and why we have such a high attrition rate (my class started with over 250 and we graduated 75).

Special Operations Forces Truths:
  • Humans are more important than Hardware.
  • Quality is better than Quantity.
  • Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
  • Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.
  • Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance



  1. I thought big army learned this lesson in the 2000's. I guess not; there must be a lot of ALS going around.Truly sad and most likely way too late

  2. BAD idea! Any lowering of standards is unacceptable. If you want to incentivize any of the SF through pay, etc., ok, but NO lowering of standards. That's why the women going to Ranger School is a BAD idea. The only way a woman will graduate is if standards are lowered. That's nor sexist, just a fact. Does anyone really believe that a woman in combat will be able to drag off the body of a wounded comrade with his equipment? It is unsafe and put people I love in danger!!!!! -Cliff