Thursday, March 5, 2015


From open source references regarding Qassim Suleimani over the past 4 years plus . . . a person to pay attention to . . . look for his name being mentioned more and more on the media . . . S.L.

What sparked interest in him (from a DoS source) was a hunch during the so-called "Arab Spring", many sightings of him in airports coming in or out of Baghdad and Beriut from throughout the region several times a month. I've heard his name at least 5 times from different sources this morning alone. Kind of creepy when bad things you ponder end up becoming reality.

I stumbled on a DoS cable mentioning this guy when he was a Brigadier General in charge of Iran's Qud's force Intelligence unit (Iran's equivalent of the DIA). His bio reads like their version of General Patreaus. Qassim is a highly Decorated officer from the Iran/Iraq War in the eighties and many other battles since then, hometown hero, relatives and tribal influence on both sides of the Iran/Iraq border. He has Kurdish blood/history in him but not sure how much is admitted. Qassim had close ties with Afghan Northern Alliance at turn of the century as his hometown of Kerman is stones throw from Afghanistan. Intellectual, intelligent, good looking, command presence and lauded in both Iran and Iraq for his continuing successful career and influence throughout the region. Who knows, he might be getting groomed for President (Ayatollah side-kick) one day.

The most dangerous course of action we could take would be crawling in the sack with this man and his Quds force "fleas". Too late I guess as we've already had cross communication and planning with him and his staff over the past several months at least. He is the Ground Force Commander for the Tikrit and Mosul campaign with the US providing other ground assets and CAS.

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: Qassim will be good for Iran and its allies, bad for us and the western world. Just wonder how many long distance teleconference calls between White House, DoS, and the good General discussing Campaign COA's plans for Tikrit, Mosul, Kirkuk? I would love to have been a fly on the wall or flat-screen TV in that meeting room.

Nickname:The Shadow Commander
Born: 11 March 1955 (age 59) Rabor, Iran
Allegiance: Islamic Republic of Iran
Service/branch: Revolutionary Guard
Years of service:1980—present
Rank: Major General
Unit: Quds Force
Commands held: 41st Sarallah Division of Kerman
Quds Force
Awards: Fath Medal of Honor

Iran–Iraq War
Kurdish Rebellion (1979)
Operation Tariq al-Qods
Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas
Operation Ramadan
Operation Kheibar
Operation Before the Dawn
Operation Dawn (1983)
Operation Dawn 5
Operation Dawn 6
Battle of the Marshes
Operation Badr (1985)
Operation Dawn 8First Battle of al-Faw
Battle of Mehran
Operation Karbala-5
Operation Karbala-6
Operation Karbala 10
Operation Mersad
KDPI insurgency (1989–96)
South Lebanon conflict
Invasion of Afghanistan[1]
Iraq War
Karbal raid
Sa'dah War
Iran–Israel proxy conflict
2006 Lebanon War
Israel-Gaza conflict
Syrian Civil War
Al-Qusayr offensive
Southern Syria
War on ISIS
Iraqi theatre
Siege of Amirli
Operation Ashura
Battle of Baiji
Second Tikrit
Syrian theatre


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