Monday, March 2, 2015


Spring roared in with an ice storm and now the Big Thaw is happening . . . so it is in the Security Business . . . S.L.

HERE's THE DEAL FOLKS: Friends & family have been urging me to write, but I've always been too busy working for a living. This blog was an attempt in that direction but over the years I keep getting lured away, or pulled into political content. That's not what this blog is supposed to be about.

STORMBRINGER is changing and with it I am emerging from the shadows . . . an earlier creative piece was well received . . . now there's MORE

I'm currently in a long lull between contracts - there is finally time for me to write. The story I'm writing now is drawn from actual events that occurred when I lived in Bangkok, recounted forty years later after a chance encounter with somebody I knew back then, but didn't really know at all. I've been living & writing this story for a long, long time.

Black Thai Days

A seasoned veteran of the war in Vietnam, now working for the Agency in Thailand, is tasked with an unusual mission. An Embassy officer's daughter has been kidnapped - white slavers are suspected - and John Sloane is to track her down. The trail is absolutely cold, and time is definitely not on his side.

A game of cat-and-mouse ensues from the dark, dirty shantytown slums of Bangkok to the rice paddies and forested hill country and back into the concrete maze that is Bangkok.

The girl is ultimately returned to her family - unharmed, incredibly - but it is not until a chance meeting forty years later that Sloane learns what really happened all those years . . . the horrible, shocking truth emerges about who was behind her abduction, and why . . .

Now is the time to connect the stories (already written) that cover this adventure into a book-length project. From this point on, STORMBRINGER is dedicated to the storyline; stand by for excerpts.

In my work as a consultant I go from contract to contract. A few opportunities are emerging but nothing moves fast in the corporate world. Even if somebody said they'd pick me up right away, it really wouldn't start until the last week of March at the earliest. In the meantime the bills still need paying. I have never tried to monetize STORMBRINGER but now I am via this Kickstarter project: BLACK THAI DAYS Adding a monetary incentive will drive this project to completion. I intend to complete a rough draft by 15 March and arrange publishing details, final draft will be a follow-on kickstarter taking it out to the end of the month.

There is another project in the works that should interest followers of STORMBRINGER and I'll keep you informed as that develops. Your donations will drive this thing to completion, and I thank you.


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  1. HOLD IT. You didn't say you were blowing off the Birds.


  2. Yeah, where are the birds?

  3. Nice shiny HD Holden parked roadside in pic 2.
    And who dat in pic 1?

    1. That would be myself . . . and we had a Valiant when I lived in Thailand . . .