Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A good buddy of mine sent me this link AVIATION SITES which goes to a WHOLE BUNCH of COOL AVIATION LINKS, including:

Abandoned & Little Known Airfields

This website contains descriptions & images of 1,453 airfields in all 50 states, organized by state.
VERY useful information in my line of work - S.L.


Fine aviation art by Robert Taylor, Stan Stokes, John Shaw, Robert Bailey, Philip West, William S. Phillips and dozens of others.

The CIA's Airlines

I was looking around this one, thinking, "Man, they don't know about the airline
I worked with!" and then I saw the subtitle:

Logistic Air Support of the War in Laos 1954 to 1975

Yes, I have been to that part of the world, but that war was a little before my time . . . S.L.

Vulture's Row Naval Aviation Database

If you work in or around aviation, or if you're like me and you just like anything and everything to do with airplanes this is a great starting point to tool around and enjoy. Best of all it's SAFE FOR WORK wink wink nudge nudge - S.L.


  1. Saved it on my Crackberry,,, ya never know...

  2. Good job, I'm sending this link to my middle grandson who is in the AF. He will get a kick and share with his buds. is a little something to brighten up your day.

    Read and listen to THIS!

    Papa Ray

  3. Remember well the old grey headed pilots of Air America.