Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Everybody knows Glocks never go off on their own, right? RIGHT???

From the worthy blog Imminent Threats Tactical


It took me a half a second to realize that my gun had just gone off . . . on my hip . . . in its holster.

Why it went off was immediately apparent.

One things for sure- this would never happen with an M1911.

Good safety info for all the Glocksters & "safe action" types out there.

Don't get me wrong- the Glock is a great weapon for general purpose standard issue, especially if your force has disparate levels of training. I've carried one, in fact I actually OWN one, and I'd swear by it, but my personal preference is the 1911.

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  1. This had nothing to do with the glock & everything to do with not maintaining your holster in proper order.

    1. Exactly you can clearly see it was the holsters prolblem

  2. It has a tone to do with the Glock, Anon. The aftermarket safety would also have prevented this.
    Getting a shirt caught in the trigger is another way these have done this. It is also why the Springfield XD has safeties on it, so they are tons harder to make them do this little trick.
    Because of and AD Shelby County Tn deputies suffer with a 13# (yes, thirteen pound) DAO trigger on service pistols.

    A Glock is simply a Makarov with a fiddly bit on the triger but I bet the same percent of owners have poked holes in the wrong places with them.

  3. One more reason I'm VERY happy I no longer have to carry a Glock. And one more example of weak-ass shoddy Galco holsters.
    I recently dumped my Galco in favor of a Fobus plastic paddle 'cause the Galco was getting limp-wristed. Glad to have my choices of holster and pistol (XD) validated. Happier still this rare honest-to-God AD didn't take more hide or anything vital.
    Boat Guy

  4. This is why I don't like Glocks, don't trust Glocks and won't own a Glock.

    On the other hand I once worked for an agency that had two AD's with double action revolvers (one S&W, one Ruger) within three months, so you can't blame it all on the metal... or the plastic, or whatever the hell Glocks are made of.

  5. Bullshit jp, I've carried a glock for more than 15 yrs in a galco yaqui slide & have never needed or wanted any more safeties than the internal ones that glocks have. If you need more, you need to train more.
    Oh & btw the holster is as good now as when i bought it.

  6. When your safety is in the same place as the bang-switch, this sort of thing can happen (and has, many times)....It is, IMO, a failing in the Glock design. Not that it is a bad firearm, mind you.

    Having a safety in a different location than the trigger is a good thing.

    This incident is not the fault of the firearm. It is, in fact, the fault of the operator, and all ND s are.

    But a grip or thumb safety would have prevented this, if only by preventing the consequences of negligence on the part of the operator.

  7. I don't like Glocks, don't trust Glocks, and won't own a Glock.
    I thought I like them until I shot a few boxes of ammo, the 17 and the 22.

    Like Mr. B says, "...When your safety is in the same place as the bang-switch, this sort of thing can happen (and has, many times)....It is, IMO, a failing in the Glock design"

  8. Wow...
    First of all, glad you're more or less ok although it looks as if you got your pound of flesh taken away.

    I have to take issue with your comments. The Glock discharged because the owner of the Glock failed to maintain his equipment. It's not the gun's fault that the holster was kept in such poor condition that it would cause the trigger to pull back and discharge. Stop blaming the gun for what is a NEGLIGENT discharge.

  9. I love Glock, but that is the one reason im VERY cautious when holstering my weapon. Any glock owner knows that that is a possibility. Thats the only reason im considering a XDm 40. I like the fact that it has a grip saftey. That type of senerio would not have happend if one was in place.
    BTW Shame on that person for using a holster in such poor condition.

  10. This is why I carried a Glock with an emply chamber (Israeli carry aka condition 3). I like my balls right where they are. If I don't have the millisecond it takes to rack the slide as I draw & fire, it wouldn't make any difference anyway. You can (& will) rag on me about not being able to draw and fire one-handed. What, is the bg going to be holding my hand???

  11. Your Glock did what it was designed to do, it fired when the trigger was pulled. You holster pulled the trigger. Period. Besides cleaning your weapon, you should practice gear maintenance. Quit blaming the design and blame your self for YOUR ND.

  12. That "holster" should have been thrown out long ago. I use the Fobus GL-4 Leather belongs in the wild west re-enactments. Further, with a chambered round this fellow must have been in eminent danger?
    Cheers, 50gary

  13. guess some of you didn't go and read the article that is linked.

  14. damned blogger crap...deleted my reply again...

    To anon replying to me...There are many folks just like you who got holed by their carefully carried glock.

  15. I bet this person has never ever had to discharged his carry gun on purpose in public, and probably never ever will. What the hell is he doing with a round in the chamber at his favorite Cafe anyway??? If he felt the need to carry a chambered firearm, he should have also felt the need for an appropriate holster. Where the hell is the common sense here??? Got no sympathy....

  16. Wow, a negligent discharge due to equipment neglect. If you pull the trigger on a Glock pistol, it will go off. The same holds true for a double action revolver. I feel bad that he negligently discharged his firearm and was injured, but a simple daily equipment check would have prevented this from happening.

  17. What a piss poor excuse for a carry holster !

  18. That is one of the worst holsters I have ever seen. I make leather goods and someone linked this to me to warn me not to make holsters without reinforced throats. The reinforcement is not necessary if you design the holster properly. My guess is the guy sat, the gun got pushed up since it is a slide holster, and then he pushed the gun down and that sorry excuse for a holster pulled the trigger.

  19. there is a reason there are safeties on weapons, the general public is fucking stupid. i carried a M9 and never had a single issue, my friend on the other had almost blew his leg off with his glock 21.
    the glock is a great weapon for what it is but not one i would carry. rather take my chances with a jam on the pos beretta that i was issued over a AD

  20. For everyone that says this type of situation could never happen with the xd's grip safety thats a bunch of bs. Unless you alter your grip to holster your gun then you are already engaging the grip safety just by maintaining a proper grip. And considering i've only seen that with new shooters with little to no training. it is not the gun's design that is the problem in this instance. It was the user not maintaining his equipment. From the looks of the picture, the bend in the holster that entered the trigger guard was not new and did not just happen when the gun went off. Because if it was the first time it ever happened then the leather would have bounced back into its normal position instead of being compressed as the picture indicates. Therefore, the user had to have known about the deformity previously. And with carrying any firearm (whichever type is your preference) I think everyone would agree it is a huge responsibility. Neglecting any aspect of the gun, holster, maintenance, training, etc. is the responsibility of the person not the gun or design. Every gun design has its pros and cons. Just like people say guns kill people. That's another bs statement, because every gun has to have a shooter behind the gun to make it go bang. Whether it is loading/clearing it, not knowing where your muzzle is pointed, poor maintenance, poor training practices etc. Its not the guns fault it goes bang. The circumstances behind when the gun goes bang is soley the responsibility of shooter behind the gun.

  21. Imagine that the trigger was pulled the Glock went bang !
    Look at that ratty holster the guy was using . What a total douche -bag !

  22. Those that say a manual or grip safety would have prevented this are foolish. A gun on safe should always be treated as though it isn't just as a gun should be treated as though it is loaded regardless of whether it is or not. Can you be 100% certain that your manual/grip safety is functioning properly 100% of the time? Pull the trigger on a "safed" pistol, and there's still a chance, albeit a small one, that the gun could fire. The real safety is between your ears.

    Now that that's out of the way, this was a negligent discharge plain and simple. It's not the gun's fault. It's not even the fault of the piss poor excuse for a holster. The blame resides with the owner of the weapon.... period. Does it suck that he shot himself? Certainly. Do I feel sorry for him? Not in the least.

  23. It is not about Glock, its all about maintaining holster.

  24. Compare Glock cutaway to Ruger SR9c cutaway. Behold the safe fire systems are identical. IDENTICAL! Yet my Ruger has 1. Manual safety. 2.Magazine disconnect. 3. Loaded chamber indicator(which by the way Glock added to the Gen4). One ass told me the lack of mag disconnect is because it is a "combat" weapon. Where? 7 countries passed on the Glock as a military issue sidearm and went to the Sig 226-228. Why? Oh, so did the FBI,Secret Service,NCIS etc. Hmmm. What do they know? Now please pay attention! The Glock is one of the best or possibly THE best pistol made on the planet. Surprised? Get the truth and stop praising a product simply because you own one. You really have not considered all the possibilities before putting your foot in your mouth. Increase your knowledge. (side note) A safety editor of a gun magazine while examining and evaluating a new firearm that just came to market shot his typewriter. Was he following safe handling practices? He says no. Do you believe him? The SAFETY editor? I passed on the Glock as well. Number 1 rule. A FIREARM IS ALWAYS LOADED!!!