Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm not a member of the i- anything movement, but I can see myself moving over to some kind of tablet in the near future, and I hate to do it, but given the apps available to the i- family of products, I might just have to go in that direction. Here's a news story about an app that if it is not available for my Blackberry will be one more reason for me to assimilate myself the Apple Borg - S.L.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California - Dozens of stolen Christmas gifts were recovered, and a burglary suspect was arrested, all thanks to an iPad tracking program.

Ken Gootnick woke up around 3 a.m. to find the man hiding in his closet.

"He got out of the closet and started running down the stairs, yelling, and I was following him out, and he ran out the back door," Gootnick said.

A burglar stole several items from his home, including Gootnick's iPad - an iPad sporting a tracking program called Find My iPad. The app showed that his iPad was just a few houses away.

L.A. County sheriff's deputy Dustin Morales went to investigate, and in the meantime, Gootnick used the tracking program to set off an alarm on his missing iPad.

"I asked the suspect, 'What is that noise that I'm hearing? Because it sounds like an alert.' And he said, 'Oh, it's my cellphone,'" Morales said.

The deputy located the iPad and the other objects that were taken from the residence. Read the rest of it.

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