Friday, February 15, 2013

Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who’s ‘Entitled’ to Second Amendment Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder, an Obama administration official implicated in the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal, provided his views on gun control at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. During the exchange, Holder discussed the President expanding the list of those who are not ‘entitled’ to the possession of handguns.

Yet, removing handguns from those deemed to be a threat by the government defeats the purpose of the Second Amendment. After a citizen has displayed threatening behavior towards himself or others, and after being given due process protections in a court of law, that person can be judged and incarcerated for his own protection and the protection of others.

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  1. maybe they should really speed this up. what would benefit the greater people is the best decision.

  2. Another communist monkey who flunked the basics of Natural Law 101.

    And THIS jackhole f*cktard is no less than the senior law enforcement official of the entire federal pyramid. Or in this case, pile of aggregated dung.

    There's nothing wrong with Holder that a good long stretch in federal incarceration wouldn't sort out for him.

    Failing that, I'm approaching the Rubicon of the point at which the cure of American Revolution 2.0 is actually worth all the horrific side affects.