Monday, February 18, 2013


If this does not scare America awake, then America is in a coma . . . S.L.

In 1928 Egyptian Hassan al-Banna formed an organization known as The Muslim Brotherhood.

In World War II that same Muslim Brotherhood joined with Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews globally.

In 1981 that same Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat - for the crime of signing a peace treaty with Israel.

In 2011 that same Muslim Brotherhood overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - our single greatest ally amongst the Arab countries - for the express purpose to establish the Islamic Caliphate in Egypt and eventually spread Sharia law globally.

Astonishingly, in April of 2012 that same Jew-hating, Christian-hating Muslim Brotherhood was welcomed into our country, the United States of America, into our capital, by President Barack Hussein Obama, who gave them 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to continue their Islamic onslaught in the Middle East.



  1. Have you ever seen a translation of the Arabic phrases on the above picture? It might give some insight to your readers as to the MB's ambitions.

  2. Its not just Obama, Its the whole damn federal government. The CIA/NSA/DOD/FBI and foggy bottom. So unless sombody wipes out the whole shitstain , not one GD thing will be done to change it.

  3.'re saying that Barack Hussein Obama, pride of the Indonesian madrassas that schooled him, and protege of the pseudo-Christian race-baiting pottymouth Rev. Wright, DOESN'T have the best interests of Western democracies, and in particular, of the United States, and its allies, as his first interest when deciding on how to do his job??

    I've got to call the NYTimes with this right away.

    Y'know, the only way I'm going to make it to Jan. 20, 2017 without having a stroke is to constantly remind myself that every day Hopey Dopey spends in office since the halfwaypoint now puts him inevitably closer to the end of his administration.

    Thank the heavens.

  4. Aesop, you assume that there will be an election in 16. I am not so comfortable with that thought.