Saturday, March 29, 2014


Video Of Blonde Woman Walking Through Cairo University Shows Shocking Harrasment

This is outrageous, but its also nothing - this woman got off light, its a miracle she wasn't pack-raped like the women in Tahrir Square. Consider: this behavior took place in the leading university of what is considered the most cosmopolitan city of the Muslim world, and it was compounded by the Dean of the university, who essentially blamed the woman for what took place.

Here's the LINK

Women are enslaved and abused daily in every Muslim country. There is no more high point of Muslim culture - those days have come and gone if they ever existed at all beyond a few remote pockets of Sufi mysticism. Islam today has relegated itself into a misogynist suicidal death cult bent on taking over the world.


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  1. TomR,armed in TexasMarch 29, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    And that sharia shit is coming here as fast as the migrating muslims can get here. We, and especially obama, are bringing in tens of thousands of mulim "refugees" from romantic places like Somalia, Syria and Gaza. These muslims are settling into their own communities from which they can practice and spread the tenents of islam. Of course this clashes with democracy, our Constitutional freedoms and our culture. Get ready. In the next ten years we will see a rise of muslim demand being made here to allow the free practice(and spread) of islamic practices that will go against everything natural to those of us that are not muslims.