Thursday, February 11, 2010


Iran Anniversary 'Punch' Will Stun West: Khamenei

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran is set to deliver a "punch" that will stun world powers during this week's 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

"The Iranian nation, with its unity and God's grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman (February 11) in a way that will leave them stunned," Khamenei, who is also Iran's commander-in-chief, told a gathering of air force personnel.

The country's top cleric was marking the occasion when Iran's air force gave its support to revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a key event which led to the toppling of the US-backed Shah on February 11, 1979.

Courses of Action (COAs):

1. Successful Nuclear Detonation. - Unlikely - nations secretly developing nuclear weaponry NEVER announce test detonations in advance. Reason: A) Sheer shock value to adversaries and B) the test might fail, in which case they'd look like failures not only to their enemies but to their own people.

2. Conventional military strike against Israel and / or the United States. - Unlikely - if they were planning some kind of Pearl Harbor, the LAST thing they would do is put us on high alert.

3. Terrorist attack. - Possible - long before al Qaeda emerged, these people institutionalized modern state-sponsored terrorism, wrote the book on tactics, and own & operate a lovely little grass roots operation known as "Hezbollah".

4. WMD terror attack. - Possible - they certainly possess enough enriched nuclear fuel to create a 'dirty bomb'. It doesn't take much more than a highway flare stuck in the middle of a coffee can full of plutonium on a rooftop in Manhatten. The atmospheric conditions might not be optimal, however.

5. Domestic protester crackdown. - Most Likely Course Of Action. Incredibly, the street protesters pose the greatest threat to regime stability, and they are significantly more vulnerable to "Hammer-Down-and-Monkey-Stomp" than any target in Israel or the United States.


1. The Social Headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (a resistance faction inside Iran) has called for an uprising on February 11. Protestors are called to chant the slogans: “Down with dictator,” “Down with Khamenei” and “Death to the principle of vali-e faqih (absolute rule of clergy)”

2. Iran to Suspend Google's Email - the purpose for this step is to clamp down on the Resistance' ability to communicate and spread their message directly to the people.

3. GARBAGE CANS: The Iran regime is replacing plastic bins with metal ones on Keshavarz Blvd before February 11th, to stop protesters from making fires:

I have studied revolutionary politics for more than twenty-five years, as a part of my professional development. Because of the modern phenomena of the electronic information era, we have a ringside seat to a people's uprising entering into the latent and incipient stages of revolution. Contemplating the kind of serious unrest the Iranian clerical regime faces on its domestic front makes their nuclear posturing on the international stage make so much more sense . . .

. . . S.L.

Scenes from a Revolution:

"De Oppresso Liber"



  1. About the garbage cans... did you say that backwards from how you meant it?

  2. That's the same thing I asked my source . . . I'm just telling it the way it was told to me . . .

  3. One scenario that bothers me is a possible EMP strike.

    1. Iran just launched a satellite with a 220 pound payload supposedly carrying gerbils and worms (Yeah and my dog ate my homework).

    2. A small nuke on that satellite could create a heck of an EMP footprint.

    Also, Iran has tested launched on trajectories that appear to be optomized for EMP.

    Not to worry folks, our OIC (Organizer in Chief) has the CIA and NASA working on Global warming. We're in good hands I'm sure.

    Seriously though, I'd appreciate it if someone with a bit more knowledge on this could tell me that they could not do this right now.


    1. These photos really scares me so much! I wonder what happaned with the revolution in Iran