Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The entire Tiger Woods public apology episode reminded me of a hostage reading a statement, while off camera a gun is pointed straight at his head.

I asked my wife should Elin forgive him, and accept him back? She said, “Oh, well, he says he’s sorry . . . and he sounds sincere.”

“OK then, Honey – if YOU were Elin and I was Tiger Woods, and I did all that . . . would you take me back?”

“Oh HELL NO! . . . No! No! No! NO! NO!”

Enough on Tiger – he did wrong and he’ll pay for it for the rest of his life, and into the next; which in his case means the next, and the next and the next, of course.

I feel sorry for his wife and family. I especially felt the shame and heartbreak his mother must be going through:

Check out the body language going on in this photo: rage . . . anger . . . tension so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife . . .

If Elin stands by Tiger, she’s an idiot; this marriage is over. Rehab? Give me a break. Rehab is for alcoholics and junkies. There is no rehab for THIS:

Blond Playboy model Loredana Jolie from Sicily; according to her pimp, Michelle Braun; “She’s a stunning girl, (Tiger) went out with her 4-5 times. She took part in group sex. They met up in 2006 or 2007. I’d say he paid $15,000 for her.”

She was only one of the fifteen-odd exotic strippers, high-end call girls and topshelf pornstars that Tiger tapped into. Once a tiger tastes that kind of sweet meat, he’s changed for life. The whole “sex rehab” concept is a unique American phenomena. The Chinese have a more descriptive word for the results they are trying to achieve here: BRAINWASH.

Tiger paid a lot of money for a lot of gold-plated poontang. From now until the end of time, every time Elin kisses her husband, in the back of her mind she will be thinking about all those whores. This will never go away, no matter what. And if Elin stays with Tiger now, after all the shame and public humiliation, then she would be no better than another one of his whores, because that is in fact what she will become.

Moore County NC is the Mecca of golf in North America, and Tiger was somebody for my children to look up to; Amerasian like them, Tiger was the only Amerasian hero-figure I am aware of. Now, we dare not mention his name in front of the girls. What a mess. This is how far the shame goes.




  1. Can't trust the guy anymore.
    Your girls don't need a tiger to look up to anyways with people like you and your associates around. What really matters? An Amerasian smaking a ball around or just good solid Americans of whatever mix doing the right things?

  2. You made a real good point about Elin being no better then the other girls if she stays with him.