Monday, August 22, 2011


Not a lot of fiction has this level of cyber intell . . . S.L.

From the Smashwords Ebook site:

Super hacker Yvonne Tran, part of a secret government agency called CyberCom, is brought in to investigate a malicious network attack that caused the deaths of eight innocent people. She and her team follow the trail to Hong Kong and Afghanistan, and they must pinpoint the source before the next attack, which has the potential to kill hundreds of US citizens . . .

A malicious network attack on a traffic management system in California causes the deaths of eight innocent people. Yvonne Tran, a former black hat computer hacker and now part of a secret government agency called CyberCom, is called in to investigate. Her handler and former lover, Rohan Stokes, and executives at Network Systems, the company that made the computer server, have no idea how the system could have been commandeered so completely, or how many other critical systems have been infiltrated.

Once, Yvonne had what seemed to be the perfect life—the daughter of a Russian diplomat and a woman from a prominent Vietnamese family, she was raised in privilege, and was sent to all the best schools. But abuse at the hands of her Russian kin drove her from the future her parents had charted for her. She turned inwards, to the world of computers and hacking. She made a spectacular living breaking into the online systems of companies and governments, and turned her exploits into luxury . . .

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  1. Wow. Thanks so much for mentioning Cyber Styletto. We've written, what we hope, is a compelling read for the general public who don't read cyber security white papers. We hope it sends a message loud and clear that state-sponsored cyber attacks have become the 21st century way to wage war.