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How’s it going? I understand you are “working” and you probably won’t be able to answer this e-mail . . . but that’s ok.

Actually I just got back last night - now comes the three week battle of sorting everything out before I go out again on the next thing. Business is booming.

You may know that I have questioned the need for a “warriors ethos” for us schleps here in urban America. I think the things I’ve read about the ethos seem too severe or too unoperational (is that a word?). I guess maybe what I’ve been seeking is an answer to “what does it mean to be a man”. We don’t have any dragons to slay anymore . . . there doesn’t seem to be anything to “tag” me as a man, a protector, a “wolf” amongst the sheep.

What I posted this morning is a good place to start - everything I write regarding the warrior ethos applies to all no matter what their station in life. Not all find themselves in a formal military environment - I ended up in the military because I'm an adventurer; others for their own various reasons. My mentor joined the Army because it was that or the coal mines (he's from West Virginia) and after six weeks in the mines, a stint in the Ranger Battalions looked like a vacation.

My days as a volunteer firefighter and EMT are over. I’m pleased with what I gave to my community.

We thank you for your service - being a firefighter is harder than being a soldier, I'm sure. When everybody else is leaving the building, the firefighters are going in.

I keep getting that weird feeling that I’m not “branding” myself as the protector that I selfishly need. Ha, maybe that’s the crux of this question or this quest. Have you ever heard stories about the old fire departments and the horses that use to pull steam powered water pumpers?

They would retire them out to greener pastures; yet whenever they would hear the clang of the fire bells, they would almost run through the pasture fences trying to get to the fire station! That’s what I’m going through now in my old age . . . I guess what I have tried to do is to overanalyze the shit out of this situation. I have been reading too many conservative blogs about the precipice that our country is teetering upon. So, I have decided to back off on all of the bad news blogs and only read yours. I get a much better “take” on the countries crapola from your blog.


I never heard that story about the fire horses but it is amazing! I can only imagine! Well here's a story I DID hear this past week, from a member of the Patriot Guard, and maybe this anecdote can provide a sense of purpose to our friend the old Fire Horse:

As you may or may not be aware, the Patriot Guard provides motorcycle motorcades to the funeral processions of fallen veterans, and performs duty as a cordon between the graveside services and those freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church who perform their sicko protests at military funerals. This is honorable duty in and of itself, but wait until you hear how an older couple - a Vietnam veteran and his wife - were treated at the hands of a group of 1%er bikers while enroute to perform their somber task at a fallen soldier's funeral.

The couple in question pulled into a roadside restaurant for some refreshment, where they encountered the bikers. The bikers informed them that the colors of the t-shirts they wore - blue and yellow (see the logo of the Patriot Guard, below) were their clubs colors, and they must remove their shirts immediately.

The veteran informed the motorcycle club of their mission, but no matter - the 1%ers stood by their twisted sense of loyalty. The veteran pleaded, pointing out that his wife wore nothing but her undergarments beneath the t-shirt. No matter, the big, brave bikers stood firm; the colors had to come off. The veteran negotiated further; couldn't they just go into the lavatory and reverse their t-shirts? At that point the bikers conceded that the couple would remain in the restaurant until they could contact their club president for a decision. Over five hours later the couple were granted their request, and were allowed to continue on with their journey after they had reversed their t-shirts.

Personally I don't have much time for the 1%ers. I used to be enamored of the biker lifestyle; I rode a big black BMW dual-opposed air-cooled twin, I wore black leather and I enjoyed EasyRiders magazine. Then I started pulling security at the motorcycle rodeos and I saw the 1%ers for what they are: uniformed organized crime. They are the criminal element, and like all criminals they are cowards, operating in packs and preying upon the weak and helpless, like this older couple who were on their way toward a patriotic rendezvous. The 1%ers endeavor to recruit from the military; this episode speaks volumes of their patriotic sentiment, or lack thereof.

Now let us analyze the situation: this couple was held against their will. That is a crime, right up there with kidnapping and the last time I looked the 2d Amendment is still in the Constitution and the ability to defend myself is still a basic human right, right up there with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I have carried a sidearm on and off duty in this country for the past thirty-odd years, and I have never had to pull it out, but this scenario has me wondering if I'd have the chutzpah to respond to these human vermin in the correct manner: "OK I hear your position Mister Big Bad Motorcycle Man, now let me tell you how it's going to be. Waitress, call 911 and tell them we're going to need an ambulance. Scratch that, call the funeral parlor and tell them we're going to need a hearse, because my wife and I are going to leave this restaurant wearing exactly the same clothes we came in with, and anybody who gets in our way is going down with two caliber .45 holes to the chest, and another one right between the eyes."

America needs it's Warrior Class now more than ever, and there is no shortage of duties and obligations to be performed. Participation in the Patriot Guard is one way, attendance at your local TEA Party events is another. The simple act of displaying the colors of the TEA Party is a great step forward; as far as I'm concerned the Democratic Party went over to the enemy long ago - they are no longer the party of "Atomic Harry" Truman, they are unavowed socialists, only two steps away from being communists - they are sympathizers and enablers of terrorists - Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn, anyone? - and as such they are virtual traitors to our country and enemies of freedom. We TEA Partiers get slandered on a daily basis as racists and dangerously violent extremists in the press and even the halls of Congress, but the last time I looked it is the Left who embraces Che Guevara, Hamas, Hezbollah, and have dedicated themselves to liberating the scum we keep in cages down in Guantanamo.

Darlings of the Left Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; their organization conducted sixteen bombings and murdered at least six Americans.

Let's get something straight before I sign off: I do not espouse violence or extremism here at Blog STORMBRINGER - I'm not a revolutionary; sorry that's not what I'm about. What I encourage is a quiet sense of strength and purpose:

"Patience," said Bruce Lee, "is concentrated power."

It's the other side who resort to violence, despite what they say about us TEA Partiers. I never saw a Conservative throw a molotov cocktail at a police officer, but I saw a Liberal do it just the other day. Sarah Palin's website was blamed as the inspiration for the guy who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head, but the fact of the matter is the gunman Jared Lee Loughner is a leftist creep who hates Bush, hates the Republican Party and everything it stands for and glorifies Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, who terrorized the nation for 18 years by mailing pipe bombs that killed 3 people and wounded 23. And while we're on the subject let us take note that it was legally armed private citizens who took Loughner down - a point the Left-Leaning Mainstream Media seems to conveniently overlook in their ongoing campaign against private gun ownership in America. Probably the biggest disgrace is the current talking points campaign that compares us TEA Partiers to terrorist bombers, on the same day that 31 members of the United States military fell to the terrorist enemy in Afghanistan.

2012 is coming and it will be another sea change just like November 2010; conduct yourself with honor and quite dignity and have faith that we will prevail. Little victories, people; for now it's all about little victories until we take back our nation from the Leftist scum and set her straight on track once again.

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  1. So then, why doesn't the US military take the US back from the tyrants, whom I and most others would consider a "domestic enemy" of the United Sates of America? You took an oath, right. Should it be the American civilian population that has to take it back? Who does what and when?

    Maybe I am just being naive about the whole thing, but when are the politicians going to be held accountable for their actions/crime against the American people?

  2. @ Boodge: Since 0bama has made this racial, it will not be pretty.

  3. Stormbringer,
    Perhaps I was a horse! Yes, when I hear the call to Duty my ears prick up, my heart beats faster... But I still answer the call. I hope I always will.
    M. J. Ney